Beijing Design Week pays ‘homage to life’

The 2018 Beijing Design Week gets underway on September 29, with its opening ceremony set to take place at the China Millennium Monument.

This year, the thematic exhibition, 40 Years – Design in China after 1978, will be presented at the China Millennium Monument throughout the design week, looking back at the 40 years of design development since China’s reform and opening-up.

Hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Beijing municipal government, and organized by Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group in conjunction with the Beijing Industrial Design Center, the design week will run through Oct 7.

Themed “homage to life,” this year’s event pays special attention to the role of design in meeting the requirements of contemporary people for a better life.

According to Dong Dianyi, executive deputy director of the organizing committee, there are three key areas of focus: The construction of Beijing as a national cultural hub and the removal of non-capital functions, the construction of the city’s sub-centres and the integrated development of traditional cultural inheritance and modern design.

Copenhagen, the guest city of this year’s Beijing Design Week, will bring a series of events that will run from Sept 26 to Oct 5, on the theme of “living is giving,” including exhibitions and forums introducing Danish lifestyle, culture, values and sustainable development programs.

Source: China Daily