50,000 eur support for musicians

British independent music label The state51 Conspiracy and Mascom company have set up a €50,000 fund called “StayCreative”, aiming to help musicians overcome the coronavirus pandemic situation in the music industry

The foundation was founded in order to encourage individual performers, songwriters, bands, instrumentalists and orchestras to be creative in times of isolation and to present their artistic work through the brand new recordings.

Mascom and The state51 Conspiracy invite interested musicians to apply, by filling out the form at this link.

The application should include:

– a brief description of the musicians’ work to date
– an explanation of what part of realization they need help with
– one demo or studio recording of what they are working on

The idea of ​​the founders of this fund is to help creativity and excellence in music. Special support will be directed to works that are unique and have striking international potential.

The state51 Conspiracy and Mascom promise to help musicians realize their ideas.

For any additional questions, please contact