Mini Balkan Japan Bowl 2021

Mini Balkan Japan Bowl is scheduled to take place on 14 March  over the Zoom platform. 

Prof. Divna Trickovic together with her enthusiastic students and the Balkan Japan Bowl Organization team invites you to take part of the preparatory event for the 2021 Japan Bowl edition.

If any of you is not yet familiar with this esteemed event completely dedicated to the beautiful Japanese culture, by this we would like to kindly inform you that Balkan Japan Bowl is a competition centered around the knowledge of Japanese culture, history and language, with the aim of providing support for students of Japanese language, literature and culture in Balkan region, as well as other Balkan admirers of Japan.

Lead by the increased interest in this famous competition, but also as a preparatory event for the main Japan Bowl that will be held in May, it has been decided to host a Mini Balkan Japan Bowl. 

The main difference between Mini Balkan Japan Bowl and its regular annual edition to be held on May 9th, is that this event is held online, and it is an individual competition. 

The format is similar to the traditional one; it’s a quiz-type competition with the questions being drawn and with the different insights in Japanese culture prepared specially for the guests.

It is scheduled to last app 90 minutes.  

Prof. Trickovic and her team would be delighted if you could them.

Please do not hesitate to register on the following links:


14. Mar 2021.



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