H.E. Kathleen CSABA, Ambassador of Canada

Experience With SARS Helped Canada Respond To COVID-19

Canada saw its first cases of coronavirus in January, at first only in Toronto and Vancouver. These early cases were linked to people travelling...

Taking Action for Climate

“This initiative represents an opportunity for local self-governments, the business sector, civil society organisations and the scientific-research community to respond jointly in Serbia to the challenges of adapting to climate change, in order for us to preserve our environment, protect people's lives and incentivise economic development through innovative solutions.” - Goran Trivan, Minister of Environmental Protection

Building a Circular Culture Together

“In order for us to reduce the discarding of food, or the generating of food waste, we need systemic, lasting solutions and sustainable management of excess food. With this we would contribute to reducing poverty and hunger, as well as protecting the environment – all for the benefit of the entire community” - Radmila Ivetić, President of the Food Bank Association

Increasing Energy Efficiency in Serbian Municipalities

In 2017, UNDP helped 110 countries access about $2billion in grants for energy projects

Focus on Resilient Communities

“The overall impact of the migration crisis on Šid has not been adverse, but beneficial. Living with migrants can only improve our lives,” - Zoran Semenović, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Šid

Strong Partnerships for Stronger Impact

Government, IFIs and UNDP, Working Together for Development Results

“UNDP has provided invaluable support to the Public Investment Management Office in ensuring timely delivery and good progress...

Inequality – a Common Priority

“The culture of the Roma people is very rich, it just needs to be portrayed in the right way. The knowledge and experience I gained in the past six months will help me present it through film, music and other areas of contemporary creativity,” - Tomislav Jovanović, Roma UN Volunteer at the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information

Towards a Society With Zero Tolerance to Violence Against Women

“It is up to media to constantly warn about the issue of violence, and to insist for the officials authorised by the law to prevent it, and for the society to recognise and condemn it” - Ljubica Gojgić, member of the group “Journalists Against Violence”

Open and Digital Serbian Assemblies

“The introduction of e-Parliament enables savings in the amount of 4.5 million RSD annually! Additionally, this digital tool assists in guiding/directing the work of the parliament towards its purpose – to discuss items on the agenda and to represent the interests of the people, rather than being used for self-promotion and inter-party disagreements,” - Zoran Vukašinović, Secretary General of the Leskovac Local Assembly

Opening Data Contributes to Growth

“After many years of hard work on the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Initiative, I am proud that we have established excellent cooperation and became true and equal partners with the civil sector” - Dragana Brajović, OGP Consultant at the Serbian Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government

Moving Towards Digital Transformation

“Digital revolution provides us with the opportunity for the economic development of our country. It gives us a...

The Untapped Potential of Biomass

“All six CHP plants that were supported in their construction by the project we are implementing with the UNDP have been connected to the grid and have started producing green energy. The capacity of biogas plants in Serbia has thus increased significantly, which is an exceptional result and a rare example of direct, tangible and well-designed donor support to investments. The Ministry is extremely satisfied and proud of this outcome,” - Miloš Banjac, Assistant Minister of Mining and Energy

Bosnia and Herzegovina Leads Regional Service Quality Rankings

Bosnia and Herzegovina has emerged as the top performer in regional service quality, achieving a remarkable score of 89.53%,...

Serbia and Japan Begin Talks on Investment Agreement

Serbian Foreign Minister Marko Đurić and Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa have agreed to commence negotiations on an Investment...

US Ambassador Hill Visits Serbia’s First Dual Renewable Energy Heating Plant

US Ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, recently visited the Pemci 1 heating plant in Kladovo, which has become the...

Air Serbia Welcomes First Female ATR Captain

Air Serbia has proudly announced the appointment of Vanja Marceta as the first female captain in its ATR fleet,...

Andrej Plenković Re-Elected as HDZ Leader with Overwhelming Majority

Andrej Plenković has secured another term as the leader of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), winning 84,786 votes in...