Anniversary of the Elysee Treaty and the Aachen Treaty

German Ambassador Thomas Schieb and French Ambassador Jean-Louis Falconi Anniversary of the Elysee Treaty and the the Aachen Treaty

The Embassy of Germany and Embassy of France in Serbia marked the 57th anniversary of the Elysee Treaty and the first anniversary of the signing of the Aachen Treaty.

The reception was held at the French Embassy hosted by German Ambassador H.E. Thomas Schieb and French Ambassador H.E. Jean-Louis Falconi.

French Ambassador to Serbia Jean-Louis Falconi said it was the result of a political decision taken in 1963 by then-German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and French President Charles de Gaulle.

“The French-German partnership is a source of creativity and positive initiatives for the EU,” ambassador Falconi said and added that both countries would remain supportive of joining the Western Balkans and Serbia’s EU.

German Ambassador to Serbia Thomas Schieb said that the Aachen Treaty continues the agenda of the Elysee Treaty with a view to the 21st century and that they have been cooperating from the outset to serve Europe’s well-being.

“Within the German-French cooperation, we are aware of the crises and conflicts of our time, and it is why we strive for even closer cooperation in peacekeeping missions and in the joint activities of the police forces,” the Ambassador said.

He stressed that Germany and France would be Serbia’s partners on the path to EU membership.

The Aachen Treaty was signed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emanuel Macron on 22 January 2019, on the same day in 1963 when Charles de Gaulle and Conrad Adenauer signed a treaty that contributed to the historic reconciliation of the two countries.

The Aachen Treaty aims to deepen co-operation between France and Germany and to prepare the two countries for the challenges they face in the 21st century.