Sunday, September 23, 2018

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Serbia Ranks 43rd On List Of Ease Of Doing Business

Serbia ranks at 43 on the ease of doing business, compared to 47 in last year’s report

World Bank:Serbia Leader In Attracting Investments

The World Bank declared Serbia’s reforms to attract foreign investors the best in Southeast Europe. On behalf of the Serbian Government, the recognition was...

Launch Of The National Open Data Portal

National Open data portal for economic development and better information for citizens

Linda Van Gelder

Regional Director For Western Balkans, World Bank Office, Vienna

Sebastian Sosa, IMF Resident Representative In Belgrade:

Government Must Maintain Good Work

Most of the previous economic programmes in Serbia succeeded in achieving short-term macroeconomic stabilisation, but failed to resolve the underlying weaknesses of the economy. I believe the authorities share our view that consolidating recent gains will require not only maintaining sound macro policies and strengthening institutions, but also fully completing the ambitious structural reform agenda

Tony Verheijen, World Bank Country Manager for Serbia:

A New Frontier For NALED Lies In Stimulating Entrepreneurship

For me, NALED is a platform for substantive dialogue on critical policy and reform issues in Serbia, and also a professional organisation that provides important policy advice to the Government and the international community
Tony Verheijen

Mr. Tony Verheijen, World Bank Country Manager for Serbia:

Positive Surprises

The current process of reform is, in many ways, the final chance for Serbia to catch up and take its rightful place in the European economic and political community. While many challenges are ahead, the government did a good job in many areas, and elections have not disturbed the process as much was feared