Vujadin Šćekić

Recycling Drives The Economy

The release of the obligation to pay corporate tax on investment would lead to the development of a complete recycling industry and the creation of a large number of jobs. We had this, but it was abolished in 2013, so investments were halted

To European Standards

One of the key EU requirements for opening Chapter 27, that deals with the environment and climate change, is to ensure a sustainable and predictable way of financing the industry through a ‘Green Fund’ which at the republic level will be filled in a transparent way from funds collected from eco-taxes and environmental protection fees, and that they are spent in the same transparent way for the purposes for which they are intended

Jugo-Impex Recycled 14,000 Tonnes Of Electronic Waste

The establishment of the Green Fund would mean predictable business, new investment and new jobs in the recycling industry