Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tag: Vujadin Šćekić

Director of Jugo-Impex

Vujadin Šćekić, Director Of Jugo-Impex d.o.o.:

To European Standards

One of the key EU requirements for opening Chapter 27, that deals with the environment and climate change, is to ensure a sustainable and predictable way of financing the industry through a ‘Green Fund’ which at the republic level will be filled in a transparent way from funds collected from eco-taxes and environmental protection fees, and that they are spent in the same transparent way for the purposes for which they are intended

Vujadin Šćekić, Owner, Jugo-Impex:

Jugo-Impex Recycled 14,000 Tonnes Of Electric And Electronic Waste

The establishment of the Green Fund would mean predictable business, new investment and new jobs in the recycling industry