Vladimir Gligorov

Economist and Political Scientist

What are the pros and cons of the Western Balkans regional economic zone?


Gains Depend on How We Count Them

There’s no doubt that forming a regional market might unshackle intraregional trade and make the Western Balkans a more attractive investment destination. However, there are deeper considerations that must be taken into account when gauging the motivations and ultimate benefits
Focus: Election year 2020 and reforms

Focus: Election year 2020 and reforms – Are we already feeling the impact?

Looming Challenges Require Bolder Political Responses

Although Serbia has for years been living in a state of permanent election campaigning, current developments are adding new steam to political dynamics, thus capturing the attention of the international and national public, and making the upcoming 2020 elections a hotter issue than previous votes. However, political responses are failing to address strategic societal and economic challenges that require the close attention of the incumbent government and political contenders
Vladimir Gligorov, Economist And Political Analyst

Vladimir Gligorov, Economist And Political Analyst

Scientist Losing or Gaining Time

There is always the risk of losing elections, so why would a government with a solid parliamentary majority – as the Serbian government certainly commands – call for early elections in the middle of its current mandate? Would those elections not slow down implementation of the current government programme?