Vip mobile

Larisa Grizilo, Senior Human Resources And Corporate Communications Director At Vip Mobile

No Progress Without Agility

Vip mobile is a company that's shown enough courage to be the first in many things, to leave...

Dejan Turk, CEO Of Vip Mobile and A1 Slovenia

Year Of Important Lessons

Vip mobile has behind it a number of years that were excellent in terms of business results, and...

Dejan Turk, Vice President Substitute of the FIC and CEO of Vip mobile and A1 Slovenia

Strong Commitment to Reforms a Must

In the period ahead, Serbia will need to implement a wide-ranging set of structural and economic reforms that...

Dejan Turk, CEO of Vip mobile and A1 Slovenia

Digital Society a Step Closer

Innovation and companies' ability to adapt are what change markets for the better. Testifying to this are the...

Dejan Turk, Vip Mobile CEO

A Human Driven Company Powered By Technology

The company rebranding planned for this year is part of the strategy of the A1 Telekom Austria Group,...

VIP To Rebrand To A1 In 2020

For the last 12 years, Vip mobile has been a proud member of A1 Telekom Austria Group, a...

Branka Pudrlja Durbaba, Senior Market Director at Vip Mobile

Today’s Operators Must Also Innovate

Company Vip has been constantly growing for the past several years, partly thanks to the fact that it...

Vip Kinoteka: Premiere of the digital version of Serbian movie classic “Balkanski Spijun”

Another movie classic restored as part of the Vip Kinoteka The digital version of the movie Balkanski Spijun (Balkan...

Vip introduces VoLTE: Crystal clear calls, faster call set-up time via 4G network

The new service provides a better mobile communication experience, enabling a more resilient signal and significantly faster call...

Dejan Turk, CEO of Vip Mobile and A1 Slovenia

Changes are the Only Constant

Vip mobile, which is part of the international A1 Telekom Austria Group, the leading telecommunications provider in the...

Dejan Turk, CEO of Vip Mobile and A1 Slovenija

Support for Society’s Digital Transformation

We believe in the potential of this market, and our greatest contribution to Serbia's technological advancement is in...

Open Applications for “Vip IoT Challenge”

The "Vip IoT Challenge" competition is officially open to teams that will have the opportunity to design and implement their most innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions using Narrowband technology, which can contribute to solving some of the key problems in everyday life in Serbia through digitization in the fields of transport, agriculture, environmental protection and wearable devices.

Dejan Turk, Vip Mobile And A1 Slovenija CEO

Serbia Needs Investors Like Us

I am the proudest that, as the youngest operator, we have for over a decade held the position...

HTC U11 Now Available In VIP

First customers will receive a valuable gift - UA Healthbox

Grand Final Of The LEADER Project Serbia 2017

The Richard Ivey School of Business in Western Ontario educational programme

“Izazov 2017” Forum of Communications Leaders Held

More than 250 experts from the fields of marketing and communications, with representatives of agencies and companies from across the entire region

Vip mobile License Extended For 10 More Years

All of Vip’s rights and obligations acquired through the purchase of Licence No. 3 for a public mobile telecommunication network and the provision of related services, extended for the next ten years

Branislav Henselmann Becomes 7th Vip Calling Laureate

Presentation of the “Vip Calling” Award to Branislav Henselmann


Boxers Join the Open Balkan Initiative

The newly established boxing tournament, named the "Open Balkan Cup", is set to continue with its second round of...

Tourist Taxes in Amsterdam to Become the Highest in Europe

City leaders in Amsterdam have announced a significant increase in tourist taxes, positioning them as the highest in Europe....

Record Employment Numbers in Montenegro

Montenegro has recorded its highest-ever employment rate, with the number of employed individuals reaching 258,000 in July, announced Prime...

Google Marks its 25th Anniversary

The world’s foremost internet search engine, Google, celebrated its 25th birthday in grand style, presenting a special logo to...

Regenerative Agriculture: Key to Serbia’s Future and Response to Climate Change

The inaugural conference on regenerative agriculture has been held today in Belgrade, organized by FIC Serbia in collaboration with...