Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Executive Director of NALED

Violeta Jovanovic

Violeta Jovanović, Executive Director Of The National Alliance For Local Economic Development (NALED):

Public-Private Dialogue Key

For the past fifteen years, I have had the privilege of being engaged in growing civil society in the region and understanding how active and caring citizens gathered together in associations drive the development of their communities and countries


Digitisation – Equal Chances For All Citizens

Enabling every citizen to access government information and services via their mobile phones, anytime and anywhere, would save significant time and money

Brnabić: Operations Eased ForBusinesspeople

“Employers in Serbia will no longer have to personally authenticate health insurance cards for their employees – the state will automatically extend them without...

Local Governments Are Generators Of Development

Certificates to 22 employees working in Local Economic Development Offices in 18 municipalities

1,000 WomenInitiative Launched

13.6.2017Launching of an initiative to employ 1,000 women in rural areas to produce traditional handicrafts

Meeting On Public Administration Reform

7.4.2017Meeting on public administration reform via the development of e-services

Exhibition Of Traditional Food And Handicrafts

Opened by city manager Goran Vesić and H.E. Julia Feeney

Coffee With The First Three Presidents Of NALED’s Managing Board:

NALED Has Changed Both Us And Serbia

The first three presidents of NALED’s Managing Board agree that NALED’s greatest successes were to become a partner of the Serbian Government in implementing reforms, to raise the awareness of the public and decision-makers about the importance of dialogue, and to harmonise the interests of different parts of society

Violeta Jovanović, Executive Director of the National Alliance for Local Economic Development, NALED:

Decade of Dialogue For a Better Serbia

10 years of supporting reforms in Serbia