Vidoje Petrović

Mayor of Loznica

Vidoje Petrović, Mayor Of Loznica

Vidoje Petrović, Mayor of the City of Loznica

We Invest in Everything that Has Potential

The investments of China's Mint and American-Belgian concern Adient, the announced arrival of Rio Tinta and the opening of a business hotel represent huge development opportunities for Loznica, Western Serbia and the country as a whole. This has motivated the City to invest even more in local and national road and rail infrastructure.
Vidoje Petrović, Mayor Of Loznica

Vidoje Petrović, Mayor Of Loznica

We’re Building a Smart City

Smart technologies have brought benefits to Loznica residents in the areas of traffic safety, car parking, green energy etc
Vidoje Petrovic Mayor Of Loznica

Vidoje Petrovic, Mayor Of Loznica

First In Serbia To Update Address Register

Loznica is not reducing the pace that brought it the title of the fastest-growing local self-government in the provision of eServices. The City, which...