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US & Serbia: People-to-People Ties Broaden Our Relations

Relations between the United States and Serbia today are wider and deeper than they have ever been in the 135 years since the U.S. first recognized the Kingdom of Serbia as a sovereign, independent nation

We Support Reforms

The United States is supporting the growth and development of the Serbian economy by engaging with the Serbian government and its private sector institutions to build a better and more transparent business environment. It is also active in identifying opportunities in the manufacturing, food and processing industries

A Catalyst Of Economic Change

AmCham Serbia is the leading independent business association in Serbia with almost 200 of the most successful US, international and local companies from 18 industry sectors. Over the past 15 years, AmCham has been a catalyst of inclusive economic change and a committed promoter of good governance principles in Serbia

Further Develop Of Democratic Governance Institutions

USAID is committed to continue working with the Serbian government, businesses, and civil society to develop democratic governance institutions that are responsive to citizens’ needs and to expand economic opportunities for the people

Needs Safe Business Environment For Investment

Back in 2001, AmCham Serbia was founded by ten companies with a clear vision and devotion to lead positive change for a better society in Serbia. Our founding members were committed to advocating a level playing field, the rule of law, and introducing the best American and European practices in order to enable a predictable and transparent business environment for every enterprise in Serbia

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