National Day Of Turkey Tanju Bilgiç

National Day Of Turkey Marked

Turkish Republic Day, the national day of Turkey, was marked by a celebration in Belgrade that was organised by Turkish Ambassador H.E. Tanju Bilgiç. Turkey...
Serbia-Turkey Business Forum 2017 Vucic Erdogan

Serbia-Turkey Business Forum

More than 500 business leaders from 350 companies gathered at this year's Serbian-Turkish Business Forum

Turkish Victory Day Marked

Marking of the 95th anniversary of Turkey’s Great Victory Day and the Day of the Armed Forces of Turkey

Serbia-Turkey Agriculture Forum Opens

Ahmet Eşref Fakıbaba and delegation of Turkish businessmen arrived in Serbia to attend the opening of the Serbia-Turkey Agriculture Forum
15th July: Heroic Story Of A Nation

15th July: HeroicStory Of A Nation

Exhibition features 45 photographs of state news agency Anadolu
Australian minister visits exhibition of serbian handicrafts 2017

„The Eye of Istanbul“

6-15 March, UK Parobrod
Turkish Airlines’ Agency Award Night 2017

Turkish Airlines’ Agency Award Night

29.3.2017Best airline in Europe for the 6th consecutive year

H.E.Tanju Bilgiç, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Serbia

Migrant Crisis Not Over Yet

Over the last nine months, Turkish efforts have generated a deterrent effect on attempts by around 850,000 illegal migrants to reach the EU. While we are committed to stemming irregular crossings in the Aegean, the EU has made promises on a wide range of issues, such as visa liberalisation, financial assistance for Syrians in Turkey, the launch of a resettlement programme and Customs Union, and accession negotiations. However, an important part of the EU’s commitments still awaits action
Ambassador Tanju Bilgiç

H.E. Tanju Bilgiç

New Turkish Ambassador To Serbia

Mehmet Alagöz, General Manager for Turkish Airlines, Belgrade

The Passenger is Our Boss

Turkish Airlines listens to the demands of the market, seeking to find solutions for the increasing needs of customers. This approach, which has earned this airline global recognition and financial success, has also proved to be a successful formula in Serbia, both in terms of passenger and cargo business

Turkish Airlines – TOURISTANBUL

Turkish Airlines, Europe’s Best Airline for the sixth year in a row, offers a free hospitality service to its international transit passengers – Touristanbul
Turkish National Day Celebrated 2016

Turkish National Day Celebrated

93rd anniversary of the founding of the modern, independent Turkey under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
Turkey Marks 94th Anniversary Of Victory Day 2016

Turkey Marks 94th Anniversary Of Victory Day

With an official reception Belgrade’s hotel Hyatt, the Turkish Embassy celebrated Victory Day, and the ambassador of that country, H.E. Mehmet Kemal Bozay, said that “this summer Turkey faced a struggle to defend modern Turkey from attack”.

H.E. Mehmet Kemal Bozay, Ambassador of Turkey to Serbia

Always Room For Better Relations

Between the strong and friendly states of Turkey and Serbia, there is always room to enhance relations in all fields. Even though we do not share a common border, our good neighbourly relations improve every day on the basis of dynamics that bring our two countries closer together
Mehmet Kemal Bozay

Turkey Challenging Times

Last year was an important year due to the significant developments with respect to the global political and economic arena