Serbian mobile network operator, subsidiary of Norwegian telecommunications company


Telenor rolled out first 5G station in Serbia

With the commissioning of the first 5G base station in Serbia in the Science-Technology Park Belgrade, Telenor has created a 5G environment that can...

PPF Group acquires Serbia’s Telenor Banka

PPF Group has acquired 100 per cent of Serbia's Telenor Banka from Telenor Group, having obtained the regulatory approval from the National Bank of...

New CEO of Telenor Serbia

Mike Michel

Mike Michel has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Telenor Serbia, part of the PPF Group, effective on 1st October 2018. He brings over...

PPF Group completes its acquisition of Telenor’s telecommunications assets in CEE...

PPF Group has completed its acquisition of mobile operator Telenor’s telecommunications assets in Central and Eastern Europe, specifically in Hungary, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Serbia. PPF...

Draft Law On Charges For The Utilisation Of Public Goods

Good Starting Point For Discussion

Finalisation of the Draft Law on Charges for the Utilisation of Public Goods within expected comprehensive reforms of parafiscal charges is welcomed by the business community as a step in the right direction when it comes to the clarity and predictability of business dealings. However, certain provisions seem to be worrisome as they are neither precise enough nor fiscally neutral
Telenor Banka Credit Card: No Maintenance Costs With Cash Credit

Telenor Banka Credit Card: No Maintenance Costs With Cash Credit

In the New Year’s offer of Telenor Banka the customers will have at their disposal a favourable cash credit, without any additional costs. In December...
Ingeborg Øfsthus Telenor - 11 Years Of Successful Operations in Serbia

Telenor – 11 Years Of Successful Operations in Serbia

Telenor has marked the 11th year of its successful operations and one decade of Telenor Foundation's work in the presence of representatives of state institutions, economic sector and numerous well-known personalities

Ingeborg Øfsthus, Vice President Of The Foreign Investors Council And Telenor Srbija CEO

A Unity Is Our Strength

The FIC’s biggest strength is in the promotion of views and suggestions that are the unified voice of more than 100 entities, whose operations depend on the development and growth of the entire Serbian market
Ingeborg Øfsthus Telenor

Telenor Banka Enters Strategic Partnership With River Styxx Capital

Telenor Banka has reached an agreement with River Styxx Capital on a strategic partnership. Under the agreement, River Styxx Capital will acquire 85% of shares in Telenor Banka, while Telenor maintains 15% ownership.

Miloš Brusin

New Chairman of the Telenor Banka Executive Board


Gathering of operators of telecommunications services in the region
Telenor & UNICEF: Child Safety On The Internet 2017

Telenor & UNICEF: Child Safety On The Internet

Announcing the official start of the project “Family Safety Net”

The State-Of-The-Art 4G+ Telenor Network

Network for one third of Serbia’s population

Telenor Girls Day

Organised by Association of Business Women of Serbia with the support of Telenor Foundation

Ingeborg Øfsthus, CEO Of Telenor Serbia

Digitalization Is A Win-Win Process

Enabling every citizen to have access to government information and services on their mobile phones, anytime and anywhere, would significantly save time and money. For Telenor, it could create more work and be a source of growth

Telenor Foundation Presents “Talking hands”

Application for getting to know Serbian and international sign language
Norway Christmas Tree In Tašmajdan 2016

Norway Christmas Tree In Tašmajdan

Magnificent Christmas tree, a symbol of friendship, stands tall in Tašmajdan over the festive season
Jasmina Vignjević

Jasmina Vignjević, Government Affairs Manager at Telenor Serbia

Mobile Phones Instead Of Counters

Both Telenor and NALED are celebrating 10 years of successful operation in Serbia. NALED was among the first to recognise the importance of e-government, and in cooperation with IBM experts it has produced a credible study that should serve as a basis for further development of e-government in Serbia