Friday, October 19, 2018

Tag: Svetlana Bojković


Svetlana Bojković, Dramatic Artist:

I’m My Own Harshest Judge

In school I was the best pupil. I was raised to seek the most from myself. I would sometimes say to myself, and within myself – Oh God, will I ever be able to deliver any line like Mira Stupica, like Ljiljana Krstić, like Olivera Marković?! When I thought about this, I implied that I would be as natural in acting as them, or as natural as a fish in water. It took me 16 years of playing to get to that, to play Madam San Zhen on the stage of the National Theatre, and then afterwards to say to myself loudly: Oh, Svetlana, now you’re an actress, now you’ve succeeded in what you wanted!