Intellectual Emigration: Brain Drain

As part of the strategy for Serbia’s development and the country’s chance on the international scene, the number one priority and potential that is often mentioned is a knowledge-based economy, highly skilled people and new technologies


When Can We Expect the First Serbian Unicorn?

This autumn saw American software cloud company Nutanix acquire Serbian- American start-up Frame for 165 million dollars, representing the most expensive acquisition of a Serbian start-up to date. As some believe, if everything goes well, Frame represents the first ‘unicorn’ to come from Serbia. But is this a one-off or a sign of a growing start-up community in the country?

SLUSH competition Belgrade

26 Sep 2018

John Hucker, President of the Swiss Finance + Technology Association (Swiss FinTech)

Where Finance Meets Technology & Innovation

As the founding president of the Swiss Finance Plus Technology Association, John Hucker, CFA and Oxford University MBA, works with start-ups and global financial institutions to build a “FinTech Ecosystem"
Jungwook Lim Startup Alliance Korea Korean President’s Board For The 4th Industrial Revolution

Jungwook Lim, Managing Director At Startup Alliance Korea; Member Of The Korean President’s Board For The 4th Industrial Revolution

Building A Home For Tomorrow’s Innovative Companies

By Milos Belčević
The South Korean economy is Asia’s 4th largest and the world’s 11th largest. With global brands like Samsung, Hyundai and LG, and IT companies like Naver and Kakao, Korea appears to be a start-up paradise. But what are some of the challenges it is facing; and what can Serbian start-ups learn from Korea?
CONNECT2ISRAEL ntp belgrade 2017


Participants of the panel were investors in startup projects from Israel who discussed the startup community in Israel and Serbia with the attendees, about...
Serbian Startups At The Helsinki Competition

Serbian Startups At The Helsinki Competition

The three start-up teams from Serbia - Mindy, Sunthetic and Urbigo will take part in December this year, at the Slush 2017 conference in...
Start-up Centre Opens At Belgrade Economic Faculty

Start-up Centre At Belgrade Economic Faculty

Start-up Centre aims to help and support the development and market realisation of students’ entrepreneurial projects

Start-up Support Reaches New Heights

ICT Hub Venture is proud to present the first three investments in domestic young innovative technology companies

Get Your Slush 2017 Ticket

Pitch your idea at the local competition, and get opportunity for presenting at the largest startup conference in Europe
Globe Scout Me Wins Start Tel Aviv

“Globe Scout Me”Wins “Start Tel Aviv”

Competition organised by the Embassy of Israel and ICT Hub

Nadav Avidan, Global PR Lead At Viber

Vibrant Start-Up Connecting Over 800 Million People

With the growing trend of messaging, can start-ups help us be ourselves when we communicate, and build bridges? This is the story of Viber's journey and the challenges of connecting hundreds of millions in a rapidly changing environment. It is also the story of the man who tells it

Marvin Liao, Partner at 500 Startups

Scratching the Surface

Marvin Liao is a Partner at 500 Startups, a global Seed Venture Capital Firm & Startup Accelerator based in Silicon Valley. He invests in Digital Media, Enterprise SAAS, Marketplace, Fintech, Digital Health & Mobile start-ups across the globe
Entrepreneurs Association “Start Up for Your Business” Founded

Entrepreneurs Association “Start Up for Your Business” Founded

04.04.2016The Serbian Chamber of Commerce & Industry officially marked the beginning of the “Start Up for Your Business” Association of Entrepreneurs. The Association will bring together entrepreneurs who have participated during the past six years in the entrepreneurship support programme “Start Up for Your Business”, which is conducted by NGO ENECA, with the support of company Philip Morris.

Switzerland Funds Serbian Start-Up Scene

11.03.2016The Global Entrepreneurship Programme, funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), has been officially launched at Belgrade’s ICT Hub
Ilija Dragisic

Ilija Dragišić, Partner & COO at Buildcon

Serbia’s Innovative Solutions for Construction Industry

The idea is for Buildcon to become a standard and powerful tool that really contributes to improving construction projects at the global level. Behind the company’s efforts are two powerful accelerators in the form of Seedcamp and 500Startups, as well as domestic construction companies seeking modern solutions to improve their competitiveness.
Start-up Networking – Growth Hacking Workshop

Start-up Networking – Growth Hacking Workshop

In collaboration with the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade and the Canadian- Serbian Business Association (CANSEE), ICT Hub held a one-day workshop entitled “Start-up Networking – Growth Hacking”.

Vismedic Declared Best Start-Up In Serbia

12.01.2016 The Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Serbia organised the second largest competition of start-up companies in the country, called “Ring Serbia”, held on the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.“VisMedic” – an online clinic that enables patients to consult with their doctors via online video chats and messaging – has won the title of the best start-up company in the country.