Tesla Nation project for branding the Serbian IT industry abroad

Startit announced the Tesla Nation project aimed at branding the Serbian IT industry abroad. Tesla Nation is a brand that presents Serbia as a country...
Zoja Kukić, Editor And Author Of StartIt

Zoja Kukić, Editor And Author Of StartIt

We Want To Empower Youngsters

“We’ll continue spreading awareness about IT and entrepreneurship as skills of the future, and in 2018 there are plans to open new centres in Kragujevac and Šabac”
SMART Trio Held at the StartIt Centre Belgrade 2016

SMART Trio Held

Under the auspices of the “SMART Trio” series of events at the StartIt Centre, organised by the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham), in partnership with City College of the University of Sheffield, the subject of their business and personal lives was discussed by Delta Holding vice president for strategy and development, Marija Desivojević Cvetković, co-founder and CTO of Boston-Belgrade start-up Seven Bridges, Igor Bogićević, and co-founder of the Belgrade start-up Little Blue Pot and President of the BEUM Association, Darko Mandić.