Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Serbian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PKS/SCCI)

Serbian Visions 2017 Ronald Seeliger

Serbian Visions 2017

President of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce-AHK, Ronald Seeliger, opened the third Serbian Visions multi-congress on 24th November, with the event organised jointly by...
Forum Serbia-Greece: Business Opportunities In The Food & Beverage Sector

Forum Serbia-Greece: Business Opportunities In The Food & Beverage Sector

The Embassy of Greece in Belgrade, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia (PKS) and Greek development agency “Enterprise Greece”,...
Belgrade Investment Days 2017 Ana Brnabic

Belgrade Investment Days 2017

In the presence of around 400 representatives from the country and the region, this year’s third consecutive Belgrade Investment Days event focused on regional...
Serbian Visions 2017

Serbian Visions 2017

Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel on 25th and 26th November (10-20.00)


Digitisation – Equal Chances For All Citizens

Enabling every citizen to access government information and services via their mobile phones, anytime and anywhere, would save significant time and money
Marko Cadez

Marko Čadež, President Of the Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Of Serbia

Austrian Investments Contribute to Serbia’s Competitiveness

Austria tops the list of countries whose companies invest in Serbia: it ranks first in terms of total foreign direct investment, which totalled three billion euros in the last decade and a half, and third in terms of the number of projects implemented. Around 500 Austrian companies that operate here provide a large contribution to the growth of Serbian exports, which last year recorded a record level of almost 340 million euros
Better Business Conditions In Serbia Kyle Scott

Better Business Conditions In Serbia

Conditions for doing business in Serbia have improved, especially with regard to the inspection services and issuing building permits. This is the conclusion from...
Mercure Belgrade Excelsior Opened

Mercure Belgrade Excelsior Opened

The first hotel of the internationally renowned Mercure brand has opened in Serbia. Mercure Belgrade Excelsior offers its guests 73 rooms, a restaurant and...
Environmental Protection New Field For US Investment Kyle Scott Marko Cadez

Environmental Protection New Field For US Investment

Environmental protection, alongside IT, pharmaceuticals, the auto industry and renewable energy sources, is becoming a new field of potential cooperation and one of the...
Serbia-Turkey Business Forum 2017 Vucic Erdogan

Serbia-Turkey Business Forum Held

More than 500 business leaders from 350 companies gathered at this year's Serbian-Turkish Business Forum
Marko Cadez

Marko Čadež, President Of The Serbian Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

New Way Of Organising Brought Benefits To The Economy

If there initially existed differences of opinion and resistance, today - nine months on – they are almost insignificant in light of the advantages and benefits that have been brought to companies by the new way of organising the chamber and its functioning as a unique, representative association of all businesspeople and entrepreneurs

Erika Teoman-Brenner, Austrian Commercial Counsellor

Leading Force In Strengthening VET

The Federal Economic Chamber of Austria has very close and excellent relations with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia
Andreja Pavlović, Executive Director Of Nordic Business Alliance

Andreja Pavlović, Executive Director Of Nordic Business Alliance

Law Still Remains To Be Seen In Practice

Since the Delegation of the German Economy for Serbia and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce gave their support to the enactment of the new Law, we’ve seen multiple efforts on the side of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia to showcase the added value that is to come as a result of the change of the financing model (mandatory membership fees)
Sustainable and Innovative Operations Seminar 2017 Nordic countries Andreja Pavlović Pertti Ikonen Marko Cadez

‘Sustainable and Innovative Operations’ Seminar

Presentation of sustainable and innovative operations and successful examples of the CSR activities of Finnish companies and their distributors
Marko Čadež predsednik Privredne komore Srbije

Marko Čadež, predsednik Privredne komore Srbije

Izbalansirati trgovinsku razmenu

Naša želja i interes jesu da u trgovini sa Slovenijom prevaziđemo deficit, razmenu uravnotežimo, da srpske robe bude više na slovenačkom tržištu i da krene nov talas slovenačkih investicija u Srbiji
Germans Seek Regional Suppliers

Germans Seek Regional Suppliers

The gathering was for the first time held outside Germany and Serbia got the honours
Vienna Economic Forum In Belgrade 2017

Vienna Economic Forum In Belgrade

Two-day session entitled “Vienna Economic Talks - Belgrade Meeting” with a special focus on the positive economic development of Serbia
2017 Serbian Gazelle Awards Marko Cadez

2017 Serbian Gazelle Awards Presented

Awards granted to local companies that have contributed the most to GDP growth and job creation over the last five-year period