Friday, October 19, 2018

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New projects with “Russian Railways”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlović spoke today with new Deputy Director General of "Russian Railways" Aleksandar Misharin...

Day Of Russian Family Marked

Russian Center of Science and Culture hosted a celebration of the traditional Russian holiday Day of Family, Love and Fidelity in the presence of...

Event Marking The Opening Of The World Cup 2018

Ambassador of Russia to Serbia H.E. Aleksandar Chepurin hosted an event at Ruski Dom, marking the start of the World Cup 2018. He expressed his...

Russia Day Celebrated In Belgrade

On the occasion of the of the Russia Day, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Serbia H.E. Aleksandar Chepurin hosted a reception, welcoming Governmental...
Dusko Markovic

Duško Marković, Montenegrin Prime Minister:

Our NATO Accession Is Not Anti-Russian

Membership of the EU and NATO is not directed against Russia or anyone else, but corresponds to the needs of society for enduring peace and stability, a wish to essentially and not only geographically belong to the world's most developed countries and cherish the values of Western civilisation. At the same time cooperation with Moscow and Beijing, especially economic cooperation, is the result of our efforts to develop our state and its infrastructure to make it accessible and attractive for new investment that will create new jobs – Duško Marković, Prime Minister of Montenegro

Putin earns $302,000 in 2017

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin earned 18.728 mln rubles ($302,201) in 2017, up 9.8 mln rubles ($158,013) compared with 2016, according to the tax return posted on the Kremlin’s official website.

Exhibition Marking 180th Anniversary Of Russian-Serbian Diplomatic Relations

In the framework of the Belgrade photo month festival, an exhibition of photographs "Traditions of Slavs" was opened at the Gallery of the Russian Center for Science and Culture "Ruski Dom".

Expo Russia Serbia 2018

The fifth “Expo Russia Serbia 2018” and the Belgrade Business Forum have begun in Belgrade

Johann Schneider-Ammann, President Of The Swiss Confederation:

Peace and Development – The Best Cure For Terrorism

Every European country, including Switzerland, realises just how fragile the values that we all share and cherish are, such as peace, democracy, freedom and stability. At the same time, we should not allow ourselves to fall into a state of anxiety, not only because fear is a bad advisor, but also because the terrorists’ goal is precisely to cause terror and weaken our confidence, says Johann Schneider-Ammann, President of the Swiss Confederation

Presentation Of The Central Cupola Of St Sava Cathedral

In the presence of a large number of Belgraders, Serbian president Alеksandar Vučić and foreign minister of the Russian Federation Sеrgеy Lavrov attended the official presentation of a mosaic in the St Sava cathedral.

2018 Expo Russia Serbia

The 5th international trade show Expo-Russia Serbia 2018, a business forum and the Business Mission of Russian companies in the Republic of Serbia will be...

Sberbank Russia’s Most Valuable Brand

Sberbank is the only Russian brand among the top 25 most valuable banking brands in the world according to the annual Brand Finance rating. In...

Aleksandrov Park Opens In Belgrade

A ceremony was held in the immediate vicinity of the ‘Ruski Dom’ centre for Russian science and culture to honour Russia’s famous “Aleksandrov” ensemble...

“BRICS Plus” New Phase In The Evolution Of BRICS

More than a decade after its establishment, BRICS, grouping five major developing countries from four continents, is recognized by international experts as an irreplaceable force in global governance

Russian NationalDay Celebrated

14.6.2017Ambassador H.E. Alexander Chepurin hosted a reception on the occasion of the Russian National Day

Expo Russia-Serbia 2017

15.3.2017Belgrade hosted the two-day International Exhibition “Expo Russia-Serbia 2017”

Børge Brende, Norwegian Minister Of Foreign:

Affairs Continue The Constructive Dialogue With Russia

We must meet the challenges posed by Russia with both deterrence and dialogue. Continued dialogue, predictability and transparency are in our own security interest. However, a constructive and extensive partnership will only be possible if Russia complies with international law, and international obligations and responsibilities - Børge Brende.

David McAllister, European Parliament Rapporteur for Serbia:

Now Comes the Harder Part: Implementing EU Values

Along with Serbia’s progress in opening chapters – with 23 and 24 being the next in line – the question of successful implementation of the commitments accepted – in terms of negotiations with Kosovo, foreign policy alignment with the EU and putting adopted laws into practice, including those that secure media freedom – is becoming the key to successful EU integration.