Education 2018

Guide to Private and State Education 2018

Guide Private And State Education In Serbia

Information Technology And Other Challenges

Technological development, especially in the field of information technology, has imposed new challenges on education policy in our country, as well as the need for an institutional framework that would enable us to cope with those challenges

Nurturing Diversity

The foundations of our school comprise a curriculum taught in English, an internationally recognised and accredited curriculum programme and the nurturing of pupils’ individuality. We note with pride that all of our pupils, thanks to the knowledge and skills they have acquired, have successfully enrolled in their desired colleges

Synergy Of Innovations And Traditional Learning

The emphasis is on a synergy of traditional learning, modern innovation, the quality of the curriculum and speed of adoption of new skills and capabilities in the area of activity

No Better Teachers Than Ours

The educators and teachers of the 21st century are highly educated, creative and free-thinking personalities trained not only to work in Serbia, but also throughout the world, thanks to their knowledge of foreign languages

The Future Is Bright For Healthcare Professionals

The modern age brings with it constant progress in the medical profession and healthcare technologies, with the application of a holistic and inter-professional approach. This means we must commit to improving nurse and midwife education in Serbia and achieving permanent progress through a life-long learning programme

One Step Ahead Of The Others

“Megatrend” University consists of 12 faculties, and there is great interest in all of them. The Faculty of Civil Aviation is currently the most popular in Serbia and the region

Guardian Of Tradition And True Values

Secondary school graduates who pass the entrance exam can also this year enrol in one of four basic study courses – Islamism, the Sharia and Law course, the pedagogy and communicology course and the course for Islamic economics and halal standard

The Most Modern Cambridge Secondary School In Serbia

Thanks to its modus operandi and the numerous advantages it offers, International School Savremena lives up to its reputation as the most modern Cambridge secondary school in Serbia

System For 21st Century Schools

Thanks to the “School Information System”, the 21st century has also arrived in our educational institutions, where teachers use an electronic diary, electronic pedagogical notebooks, electronic portfolios for student, an e-programme for printing testimonials, a platform for creating school websites, e-libraries etc