Novak Đoković

Tennis player

Novak Djoković Foundation and Generali osiguranje partners on the project “Support,...

Generali osiguranje Serbia and the Novak Djoković Foundation organised a workshop within the "Support, not perfection" program implemented by the Foundation, thus formalising the...

Novak Đoković wins seventh Australian Open title

Serbian tennis player Novak Đoković won against Rafael Nadal from Spain 6-3, 6-2, 6-3, and achieved the record seven Australian Open titles! This is the...


Champions Don’t Just Disappear

“He can’t come back,” I’m told philosophically by a British fellow journalist, unprovoked, while I peacefully drank my coffee a day before the start of Wimbledon. “Đoković," he continued theatrically. “There are simply too many problems. He won’t reach the semi-finals.”

Alberto Lidji, Global CEO of the Novak Ðoković Foundation

We’ll be Here for Many Years to Come

The Novak Ðoković Foundation was among the hosts of the Duchess of Cornwall during her visit to the project "Family outreach worker" in Belgrade. Together with representatives of UNICEF and Zvečanska Centre, Her Royal Highness was also welcomed by Alberto Lidji, Global CEO of the Novak Ðoković Foundation, who introduced her to the project and explained the mission and vision of the charity led by the world’s number one tennis player.

Novak Djokovic: Men’s Tennis Should Fight for More Prize Money

Novak Djokovic talks to the crowd after his win over Milos Roanic in the men’s final at Indian Wells, California. He believes that men should be awarded more prize money than women following a row sparked by comments from the chief executive of Indian Wells, Raymond Moore.