Nordic 2017

Nordic Countries – Partners 2017

Jasmina Vignjević, President of the Nordic Business Alliance

Better Coordination Of State Bodies Required

The tenth anniversary of Telenor’s operations in Serbia and the launch of IKEA's business represent not only a symbolic, but also an essential, contribution to the development of business links between Serbia and the Nordic region, and are a powerful signal to potential investors that Serbia is a good place to invest. Partnership relations between the economy and the state would make this cooperation even more successful
Arne Bjørnstad High Price For Staying Outside The EU

H.E. Arne Sannes Bjørnstad, Ambassador of Norway

High Price For Staying Outside The EU

Serbia is dependent on the EU market and EU products – neither Russia, China nor anyone else is in a position to offer a realistic alternative
Jan Lundin Importance Being Front Runner 2017

H.E. Jan Lundin, Ambassador of Sweden

The Importance Of Being A “Front Runner”

The signal provided by the European Commission declaring Serbia and Montenegro as the "Front Runners" in a Balkan EU-integration context will serve to accelerate the arrival of foreign investment in Serbia, as well as integrating the country into global trade patterns – Jan Lundin

H.E. Pertti Ikonen, Ambassador of Finland

Making Serbia a Boring Country

It is all about utilising local resources and entrepreneurial spirit, investing in education, intellectual capital, innovations, added value technologies and industries with the goal of creating a thriving and sustainable business environment – Pertti Ikonen
Andreja Pavlović Serbia Deserves The Interest Of Nordic Businesses 2017

Andreja Pavlović, Executive Director Nordic Business Alliance

Serbia Deserves The Interest Of Nordic Businesses

Serbia hasn’t been on the radar of mainstream Nordic business, but when it receives the focus it deserves, we predict major growth of interest in terms of trade and investments. The greatest potential for development lies in the IT sector, sustainable development and energy. Cooperation in these fields, as well as adoption of the Nordic business model, will bring many benefits to Serbia
Anders Christian Hougård EU Should Not Be Written Off 2017

H.E. Anders Christian Hougård, Ambassador of Denmark to Serbia

The EU Should Not Be Written Off

An independent judiciary, a trust-based administration free of corruption and, last but not least, the value of having a free media are indispensable pillars for a country that wants to build a stable democracy – says Anders Christian Hougård


Iceland’s Tourism Boom

With its volcanic mountains, black sand beaches, and number of natural hot springs, Iceland's unique and dramatic landscape was ranked the 8th most beautiful place in the world in the Rough Guides list.
Smallest Country To Ever Make The World Cup 2017

Smallest Country To Ever Make The World Cup

A 2-0 victory over Kosovo was enough for the nation of some 335,000 people to reach the 2018 finals in Russia, setting a new record in the process
Are Swedes Really Passionless 2017

Are Swedes Really Passionless?

Ask anyone in the world to describe a typical Swede, and there's a safe bet you will soon be hearing about blonde, beautiful women, passionless and perhaps Vikings with big beards and pointy helmets