New Moment

Balkan Creativity For The World

“We are part of the world and, even more, we are actively shaping this world”

One Book For Peace

A book that will change the way we think

Nothing Is Created Unless It Is First Dreamt!

Agency New Moment conquered the regional market long ago and is now operating, without much fanfare, on the global market. After the United States and Canada, New Moment’s creatives have since last year been slowly emerging on India’s huge market

LAV Awards Its Loyal Consumers

Apart from the new taste, originating from 4 gifts of nature, LAV has prepared a special surprise for its loyal consumers. In June, LAV...

PR As A Means Of Creating A More Humane Society

Although we live in the digital era, it has never been more important to show a human face, empathy and honesty, which creates the space for the media and the public to respond in kind. “Good” companies will have a better reputation than those that are “successful”, while only those that are good will be successful