Yana Mikhailova, Market Head – Nestlé South East Market

Yana Mikhailova, Head at Nestlé SE

Responsible Company for a Healthier Serbia

Year after year, Nestlé shows its commitment to business operations in Serbia and its contribution to the development of local communities. Since 2011, when operations were launched at the Surčin factory, the company has invested more than 15 million euros in equipment procurement, increasing capacities and product development

Belgrade Youth Fair 2019

18-19 April 2019, Metropol Palace Hotel

Renata Matusinović, Business Executive Officer for Food Category, Member of the Managing Board - Nestlé South East Market

Personal Contribution and Visibility of Each Team Member Are Keys to...

Nestlé has around 328,000 employees worldwide, with 700 in the Adriatic region that covers seven markets: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Slovenia
Neslte accelarets efforts to increase women leadership

Nestlé accelerates efforts to increase the number of women in senior...

Nestlé today laid out an action plan to increase the number of women in senior executive positions globally. This underscores Nestlé’s commitment to providing...

Nestlé Celebrated 150 Years of Creating Shared Values

Members of the management team talked about how company creates value for its consumers, customers and local community
Nestlé Celebrates 150 Years of Creating Shared Values 2016

Nestlé Celebrates 150 Years of Creating Shared Values

Marking 150th anniversary of doing business, Nestlé Adriatic organised its first panel debate in Serbia on the topic of creating shared value
Yana Mikhailova

Yana Mikhailova, President of the Foreign Investors Council and Nestlé Adriatic Regional Director

FIC a Partner For Growth

The Foreign Investors Council expects the government to speed up important structural reforms, especially privatisation and the corporatisation of state-owned enterprises, to press for better implementation of the laws, with special focus on the Tax Administration and inspections, and to continue with the good work on harmonisation of the Serbian laws with EU Acquis

Nestlé Adriatic Regional Director - New FIC Serbia President

Yana Mikhailova

The Foreign Investors Council has announced changes in its management, with Yana Mikhailova, Nestlé Adriatic Regional Director, appointed as the new President of the Foreign Investors Council, while the new acting FIC Vice President will be appointed soon.
Iva Taiber

Communications and Marketing Services Director at NESTLÉ Adriatic

Iva Taiber

Iva Taiber, a member of the Management Board of Nestlé Adriatic, has been appointed as the company’s new Communications and Marketing Services Director.