Belgrade Youth Fair 2019

18-19 April 2019, Metropol Palace Hotel

Nelt Wins Award For Contribution To The “Belt And Road” Inititive

At this year’s business conference Transport and Logistics 2019, NELT was awarded a prize. The Brand Leader Award 2019 for exceptional collaboration and contribution...

NELT: 25 Years of Successful Operations

Investments Ensure Success

The Nelt Group, one of Serbia's most successful domestic business systems today, employs 4,000 people in 11 companies on as many markets in Southeast Europe and Africa. As a leader in the provision of state-of-the-art distribution and logistics services, the Nelt Group will realise consolidated net gains of €930 million in 2018

NELT marks 25 years in business

Marking two and a half decades of successful business, Nelt invested 15 million euros this year in the regional expansion of integrated logistics services....
Ivan Milićević, Integrity Leads To Success 2018

Ivan Milićević, Manager Of Logistics Business Development At Nelt Group

Integrity Leads To Success

Nelt Group has been a leader in distribution and logistics on all markets where it operates for a quarter of a century. The group’s success relies on knowhow, experience, high-quality personnel and the innovation that it has shown from the start in all segments of operations. Nelt has big plans for the next five years.

Milica Jović, CHRO, NELT

Modern Business Requires Constant Change

Becoming a strategic partner to business is a long and demanding progression. Pioneers of HR management could not simply walk up to the decision-making table and claim a seat – they had to earn it

Milica Jović, CHRO, Nelt

The Future’s CHRO Is CEO’s Strategic Partner

It was two months ago that I found myself in a new role, which was familiar at first, albeit from a different perspective, as I transitioned from being an advisor to becoming an executive. Nevertheless, both my education and my career thus far have taught me that the first step towards success is to embrace change and learn from every possible opportunity

NELT And Dachser Present New Service

In cooperation with the German company Dachser, a global leader in food logistics, NELT provides weekly delivery of food products from all over Europe...

Dragana Škrbić, Supply Chain Director at NELT Group

Logistics Of The Future

“The most important decision for the future is to constantly employ talented people and continuously educate our employees,” says Dragana Škrbić, supply chain director at NELT Group, speaking to CorD

NELT Announces Investments Of €15Million

The company celebrates 25 years of operation by continuing to invest in expanding logistics capacities in 2018

NELT Named Authorised Economic Operator

Following a studious checking, it was determined that Nelt fulfills all the specific criteria of the World Customs Organisation standards and equivalent local standards in the area of supply chain safety

NELT Opens Merchandising School

This unique showroom represents a place where staff employed in different positions will have the opportunity to improve themselves, acquire appropriate knowledge and apply it practically with the aim of ensuring complete training

NELT Establishes Cooperation With COSCO

Chinese shipping and logistics giant COSCO recognized need in the Serbian market and its immediate surroundings in the region for additional solutions in transport of goods with the Far East

DACHSER And NELT Initiate Cooperation

Balkan region connected to the European food distribution network

Ivan Milićević, Nelt LSP Operations and Development Manager

We Can Meet The Client’s Most Demanding Requests

With a new set of logistics services, launched by activating the intermodal terminal, Nelt provides faster and safer transportation services and enable its clients to reduce their logistical costs

NELT Opens Logistics Intermodal Terminal in Dobanovci

NELT, one of the region’s leading companies in the field of distribution, logistics and trade marketing, has opened the first private railway logistics terminal in its Central Distribution Centre in Dobanovci, thereby fully completing its portfolio of logistics services

U.S. Ambassador Visited Nelt

Regional distribution leader

Nelt winner of “Leader in change” award of AmCham

Nelt has been rewarded in the “Leader in Change” category at a ceremony organised in the City Hall of Belgrade. The award in seven categories is traditionally granted by American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham), in the aim of promoting good business examples in the market.