Natalija Racković

General Manager at V+O Communication Serbia

Natalija Racković, General Manager & Co-owner of V+O Communication

Holistic Approach to Communications

V + O Communication recently celebrated 10 years of work in Serbia and on this occasion made an internal review of what had been done so far. They were more than satisfied with their own achievements

Natalija Racković, Director of V+O Communication

Dedicated to New Trends

V+O Communication is a leading consulting company in the field of communications in Southeast Europe, with offices in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Albania and Cyprus. They are also present in Brussels, which is a centre of strategic importance for all EU issues, as well as Nigeria, which has one of the world’s fastest growing economies

Natalija Racković, General Manager at V+O Communication Serbia

In Our Desire for Uniqueness We Must Not Forget the Essence

Today both clients and agencies are striving to be special and different, and in that pursuit they often forget the essence – why consumers and partners love and value them. We believe in the principles of ethics and creativity and communicating essential messages