National Alliance for Local Economic Development

NALED And USAID Implement Project For Encouragement Of Public-Private Dialogue

The conference "Public-Private Dialogue For Growth" was organised on the occasion of a four-year project aimed to encourage public-private dialogue in Serbia, launched by...

NALED, Gorenje And Coca-Cola Help Improve Management Of Electrical Waste

Serbia has over 11,000 manufacturers and importers of products that turn into special waste streams after use, but only 49% of them have submitted annual reports to the competent institutions about the amounts sold in 2017


Challenges And Opportunities

Accelerated reforms, particularly those in the area of improving the business climate, ensure that the opinions of business associations are more important than ever. The increasingly open and constructive dialogue between the government and business leaders, which also resulted in Serbia making continuous progress on the World Bank’s ’Doing Business’ list, compelled us to set aside space in the New Year’s edition of CorD for the comments of presidents of chambers of commerce and organisations, business clubs and associations that bring together members of industry, NGOs and representatives of the local community.

NALED’s Strategy 2018-21

The key goals are improving the business regulatory framework and strengthening public administration capacity

Aleksandar Ružević, Chairman of the NALED Management Board and General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC Serbia and Montenegro

Who Are Tax Heroes?

The Kopaonik Business Forum confirmed that the reform agenda has been well established and that it features the most important issues for improving conditions for doing business – the corporatisation of public companies, the development of eGovernment and digitisation, infrastructure, rule of law, education etc

Grey Economy Reduced In The Formal Sector

The volume of the grey economy was reduced among registered businesses during the past five years, falling from 21.2 to 15.4% of the GDP....

Jelena Bojović, Policy Director, NALED

Abolishing Stamps Leads To Economic Growth

Fostering eGovernment development, NALED has initiated a systematic approach with strong coordination of all stakeholders - the state, businesses and the civil sector - in implementing reforms in this area. Global experiences show that eGovernment can save up to two per cent of a country’s GDP – in Serbia, this amounts to around €600 million a year
Violeta Jovanovic

Violeta Jovanović, Executive Director Of The National Alliance For Local Economic Development (NALED)

Public-Private Dialogue Key

For the past fifteen years, I have had the privilege of being engaged in growing civil society in the region and understanding how active and caring citizens gathered together in associations drive the development of their communities and countries
Minister Dušan Vujović Reformer Year 2018

Minister Vujović Reformer Of The Year

The National Alliance for Local Economic Development, NALED, selected Serbian Finance Minister Dušan Vujović as the Reformer of the Year. The NALED Board of Directors...

SEE MIKTAInnovation & Entrepreneurship

The National Alliance for Local Economic Development, NALED, and the Embassies of the countries of the MIKTA Platform – Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of...
NALED Developing A Cashless Society In Serbia 2017

Developing A Cashless Society In Serbia

NALED and the Serbian Ministry of Finance, under the patronage of company Mastercard, in partnership with Societe Generale Bank and in cooperation with the...


Digitisation – Equal Chances For All Citizens

Enabling every citizen to access government information and services via their mobile phones, anytime and anywhere, would save significant time and money

Start-up Support Initiative

Serbian Minister for Finance Dušan Vujović has backed NALED’s proposal to exempt business novices from tax for at least one year. At the meeting of...

Brnabić: Operations Eased ForBusinesspeople

“Employers in Serbia will no longer have to personally authenticate health insurance cards for their employees – the state will automatically extend them without...
Leaders Forum Held 2017

Leaders Forum Held

“Establishing a Common Framework for Operations in Southeast Europe” organised by the Republika Srpska Representative Office in Serbia and NALED, under the auspices of the “Days of Srpska in Serbia” event
Initiative To PreserveTraditional Rugmaking 2017

Initiative To PreserveTraditional Rugmaking

The cities of Pirot and Sombor, under the auspices of the Agreement on Cooperation to Preserve Traditional Rugmaking, together with the Etho Network NGO...

Annual GatheringOf NALED MembersAnd Partners

NALED members and partners gathered and sent a message of unity and cooperation for the benefit of the entire society