Saturday, February 16, 2019

Tag: Miodrag Poledica

Secretary of State, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

Miodrag Poledica, Secretary Of State At The Serbian Ministry Of Construction, Transport And Infrastructure:

Better Transport Infrastructure Accelerates Economic Growth

The European Commission decided this March to adopt a tenth freight corridor, entitled the ’Alpine-Western Balkan Corridor’, which represents a great success for Serbia, as the only non-EU state to be traversed by one of a total of 10 rail freight corridors. It is also an example of the positive evaluating of the policy of the Serbian government and the Ministry to connect Serbia to key European transport routes.

Miodrag Poledica, Secretary Of State, Ministry Of Construction, Transport And Infrastructure:

Great Potential To Further Develop Logistics

We have started and are planning significant infrastructure projects in all transport sectors, which will make Serbia a regional transit hub and attract investors in logistics