Miodrag Mitrović

President of Miteco

Miodrag Mitrović, President of MITECO

Miodrag Mitrović, President of MITECO

We Discard Millions Of Euros At The Dump

Waste management analysis shows that awareness of waste as a resource still doesn’t exist in Serbia and that, due to a lack of infrastructure, poor organisation and a shortage of modern technologies, Serbia annually discards raw materials worth millions of euros

Miteco Reconstruction of the Old Recycling Plant in Rakovica

On the occasion of 50 years since the establishment of the first purchase stations for secondary raw materials in the Belgrade municipality of Rakovica, company Miteco officially unveiled recycling complex on May 23, which consists of a transfer station for industrial and hazardous waste, a new recycling plant and a plant for mobile remediation of PCB contaminated sites