Miloš Jelić

Executive Director of the Nelt Group

What are the pros and cons of the Western Balkans regional economic zone?


Gains Depend on How We Count Them

There’s no doubt that forming a regional market might unshackle intraregional trade and make the Western Balkans a more attractive investment destination. However, there are deeper considerations that must be taken into account when gauging the motivations and ultimate benefits
Milos Jelic NELT marks 25 years in business

NELT marks 25 years in business

Marking two and a half decades of successful business, Nelt invested 15 million euros this year in the regional expansion of integrated logistics services. One...
NELT Announces Investments Of €15Million Milos Jelic

NELT Announces Investments Of €15 Million

The company celebrates 25 years of operation by continuing to invest in expanding logistics capacities in 2018
Nelt Announces Turnover Growth of 28.5% in 2016

Nelt Announces Turnover Growth of 28.5% in 2016

With 4,000 employees and 12 companies in 7 markets at 2 continents Nelt Group is one of the most successful domestic business systems
Kyle Scott U.S. Ambassador Visited Nelt

U.S. Ambassador Visited Nelt

Regional distribution leader