Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance (MFIN)

Siniša Mali, ministar finansija u Vladi Republike Srbije

Siniša Mali, Ministar finansija u Vladi Republike Srbije

Podsticanje rasta naš je novi izazov

Nastavićemo da sprovodimo fiskalnu politiku na odgovoran i kredibilan način, ali ćemo iskoristiti i mere iz naše nadležnosti da putem poreske politike, kao i na druge načine, damo podsticaj tom privrednom rastu
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Serbia becomes member of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The Ministry of Finance announced today that our country has officially become the 73rd non-regional member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Minister of...
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic ceremoniously opens Milos the Great highway

Serbian President ceremoniously opens Milos the Great highway

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic attended tonight the opening of the Milos the Great highway on the...
Siniša Mali, Serbian Minister of Finance

Siniša Mali, Serbian Minister of Finance

Economic Relief Stimulates Economic Growth

The goals of the Ministry of Finance are to further maintain fiscal stability and eliminate systemic obstacles to economic growth. In the process of creating measures that will ease the operations of companies, the Ministry is particularly reliant on useful suggestions from the economy and the business community
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IMF Confirms New Programme With Serbia

The Ministry of Finance stated that the Board of Executive Directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) confirmed a new arrangement with the Republic...
Dusan Vujovic

Dušan Vujović, Serbian Finance Minister

Strong Consensus On Further Reforms Needed

It is today abundantly clear that fiscal consolidation produced tangible economic results. They can only be sustained through structural reforms, the success of which depends on renewed political and social consensus among key stakeholders, as well as our ability to put aside short-term, partybased and vested interests and enable the improvement of general welfare
Siniša Mali Newly Appointed Finance Minister

Siniša Mali Newly Appointed Finance Minister

The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia today supported with 154 votes the proposal of Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and elected Sinisa Mali as new Minister of Finance, who up until now has served as mayor of Belgrade.
GIZ 15 Years Of Public Finance Reform

GIZ: 15 Years Of Public Finance Reform

On the 15th anniversary of the German Development Cooperation Project "Public Finance Reform in Serbia", which is being implemented in cooperation with the Serbian...
Dušan Vujović Serbian Finance Minister

Dušan Vujović, PhD, Serbian Finance Minister

Reforms Are Our Best Choice

The upcoming elections, whether just presidential or presidential and parliamentary, will be a new test of whether people in Serbia are willing to accept reforms which will lead to the establishment of the cornerstone of a modern Serbia with a sustainable economy that is able to create new jobs and attract foreign direct investments. This should be the backbone of the pro- reform and pro-EU campaign in Serbia
NALED Developing A Cashless Society In Serbia 2017

Developing a Cashless Society in Serbia

NALED and the Serbian Ministry of Finance, under the patronage of company Mastercard, in partnership with Societe Generale Bank and in cooperation with the...
Start-up Support Initiative

Start-up Support Initiative

Serbian Minister for Finance Dušan Vujović has backed NALED’s proposal to exempt business novices from tax for at least one year. At the meeting of...
Serbia Introduces Cash Back Service National Bank of Serbia

Serbia Introduces Cash Back Service

In an effort to encourage the use of payment cards, citizens are now able to withdraw cash at points of sale during the purchasing of goods
Electronic Construction Permits

Champions In Issuing Electronic Construction Permits

Municipalities in the southeast and southwest Serbia require an average of just five working days to issue building permits, making them the most successful in our country

New Action Plan for Combatting the Shadow Economy Adopted

New Action plan for 2017 and 2018 envisages an increase in the number of measures and the intensifying of the activities of relevant institutions aimed at reducing the volume of illicit trade, undeclared work and tax evasion
Representatives of the Serbian Ministry of Finance and the AmCham Roundtable

Serbian Ministry of Finance and the AmCham Roundtable

Cooperation between responsible institutions and representatives od the economy toward transparency in adopting and implementing existing tax regulations
FIC Presents White Book 2016 Yana Mikhailova

FIC Presents White Book 2016

White Book 2016 presented to top officials of the Serbian Government and representatives of the stakeholder community

Aleksandar Vučić, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia

Working With NALED Opens Doors To The Civil Sector

The Government is open to the idea of including the civil sector in its administrative work and unburdening the administration, which is the trend in the developed world. NALED is a positive example, having developed the e-permit software with help from donors and then handed it over to the state. This was a great help, and other organisations are certainly able to contribute to the common good in the same way.
Dušan Vujović, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Serbia

Dušan Vujović, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Serbia

The National Programme for Countering Shadow Economy Will Be a Success

The new law on para-fiscal charges, expected by mid-2017, aims to collect and order hundreds of charges presently scattered over dozens of laws, ensure their full transparency and predictability for all businesses, as well as provide a platform for rational use and efficient management of public resources