MFIC 2018

Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council MFIC 2018

Foreign Invenstors Council 2018

Accelerate Reforms

The pace of reforms, improvement of all aspects of the business environment and the competitiveness of the private sector all need to be enhanced. This is crucial for the country’s development

Devoted To Reforms

The focus of our economic policy has been placed on increasing the competitiveness of the economy by using structural reforms and infrastructure development to create conditions to increase domestic and foreign investments. As a result, we expect the Montenegrin economy to grow both this year and next

Challenging Task

We want to establish a public administration that is more efficient in relation to costs, which will better serve citizens and the economy for less money and which will function according to transparent and harmonised procedures. That’s not easy, but there is no alternative!

Fiscal Consolidation Strengthens Financial Position

The Central Bank of Montenegro considers that the government is successfully implementing fiscal consolidation, and that and that, for its part, it is contributing to the implementation of these policies by empowering the banking sector through the continuous improvement of regulations and the strengthening of its supervisory function

We’re Ready For Challenges

With the expected opening of Chapter 27 in June, Montenegro confirms that it is ready to implement the most complex and financially challenging EU integration chapters

.me Is A Global Brand

Company DoMEn is entering its second decade of operations with 910,000 registered domain names and collaboration with giants like Facebook, Wordpress, Vogue, Telegram, WhatsApp and The New York Times. Judging by results to date, the time of the ‘.me’ brand has yet to come

Constructive ContributorTo Reforms

The MFIC will this year dedicate special attention to the Government’s economic policy, as it aims to continue with the implementation of measures to strengthen the country’s macroeconomic stability