MFIC 2017

Publication on Montenegrin Foreign Investment Council 2017


Christoph Schoen, MFIC President, CEO At Addiko Bank Montenegro

We Are Open To Cooperation

Montenegro is a good investment destination that is moving in the right direction to utilise its high potential. The challenge is the way and pace at which that potential will be used. There is a lot of room for improvement and we are aware that this is a long-term process requiring the cooperation of all stakeholders. MFIC is ready to contribute as much as possible


Put To The Test

At this moment Montenegro represents a rare example, if not the only example in the region, of a good student who consistently fulfils its Euro-Atlantic and European integration commitments. This reassures investors that the country is heading in the right direction, but also imposes an additional responsibility for Montenegrin policymakers to stay the course

Pál Kovács, CEO At CKB

Time For Dynamic Business Development

Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka (CKB), a member of the OTP Group, is marking 20 years of successful operations in Montenegro

Dragica Sekulić, Montenegrin Economy Minister:

Strategic Investors Ensure Development

One of our most important priorities is attracting strategic foreign investors for the implementation of development projects that represent the foundation of economic growth. That's why we're working continuously on improving the institutional framework, raising the competitiveness of our economy and developing high-quality infrastructure