Merck donated 2.4 million RSD for medical and protective equipment in Serbia

Globally Merck and the Jenner Institute developed a production platform that enables the mass production of a future vaccine. The joint team has reduced...

Innovative Medicines Will Save the World

Merck Sharp & Dohme is one of the top American biopharmaceutical company, a global leader in providing innovative solutions in medicines, vaccines and biologic...

Merck is Leading the Way

When the Human Genome Project was completed in 2003, the cost of generating one human genome sequence stood at some 54 million U.S. dollars....

Science For the Future

Importance and connection of the science and society and importance of science in everyday life, were some of the topics of the scientific conference...

We Are Bringing New Hope For Cancer Patients

Merck Sharpe & Dohme is an innovative global leader in the health sector that is dedicated to improving health and well-being of people around the world via innovative medicines, vaccines and biological therapies

Helping The World Be Well

Our approach is aligned with our mission and values and focuses on four key priorities: access to medicines, environmental sustainability, employee health and well-being, and ethics and transparency