Marijana Vasilescu

Traditional meeting of SAM and the Fiscal Council of Serbia

Macroeconomic and fiscal developments and expected trends in 2019, measures that Serbia should implement in order to generate economic growth and opportunities for SME...
Marijana Vasilescu, CEO, Sberbank Srbija

Marijana Vasilescu, CEO, Sberbank Srbija a.d. (JSC)

Market Demands Continuous Advancement

“Sberbank is among the youngest banks on the Serbian market and we have a huge obligation to contribute, through constant innovations and improvements, to the stability and strengthening of Sberbank in this part of Europe”

€6.44m Profit For Sberbank In The First Half Of 2018

 During the first six months of 2018, Sberbank Srbija made a profit of 6.44 million euros, which is 25 per cent more than in...

Sberbank Serbia Doubles Net Profit Achieving Its Best Result

Sberbank Serbia recorded an increase in profitability of 84% and achieved a profit after tax of 802.9 million dinars as of YE 2017. Growing...

Marijana Vasilescu, President Of The Executive Board Of Sberbank Srbija

Results Confirm Business Model’s Quality

The exceptional operational results achieved by Sberbank in the first half of this year, as well as in the previous period, confirm that the bank has gained the trust of citizens and business clients

Marijana Vasilescu, CEO Of Sberbank Serbia

Proud Of Record Client Growth

The goal of Sberbank Serbia is to further strengthen contacts between Serbia and Russia, with the aim of increasing cooperation between local and Russian companies, as well as providing comprehensive expertise for the development of consulting services in this area

New President Of The Executive Board Of Sberbank Serbia

Marijana Vasilescu

Marijana Vasilescu took over the position of President of the Executive Board of Sberbank Serbia as of 1st December. Vasilescu was previously the bank’s...