First private opera in this part of Europe

Archaeology: Famous Dr Zahi Hawass coming to Belgrade

07-08 Dec, Madlenianum

Madlena Zepter, Europe’s Greatest Cultural Benefactor

Art & Beauty Are My Only Ideologies

She is a symbol of everything superior, European and elite. Her life is a fusion of the art of living and the culture of giving. To Serbia, she has gifted the opera and theatre house called Madlenianum in Zemun and Zepter Museum in Belgrade city centre, while she has helped to educate more than 500 scholarship recipients and provided material support to hundreds of valuable scientific and artistic projects ... in short, she is Europe’s greatest patron of art and cultural benefactor

Promotion Of The Book ‘The Exceptional Couples Of Serbia In The...

Promotion of the monograph 'The exceptional couples of Serbia in the XX and XXI centuries' was held in Zepter Museum with a large number...
20 Years Of Madlenianum 2017

20 Years Of Madlenianum

Opera and Theatre Madlenianum was founded in 1998 as the first private opera in this part of Europe