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CorD Special publication Japan 2016

H.E. Juichi Takahara, Ambassador Of Japan:

Cooperation Based On Strong Cultural Ties

Although Yazaki is only the third Japanese company to invest in Serbia, the two countries cooperate closely on the international scene when it comes to topics that are of common interest, in the fields of culture, scientific interchange and tourism. Given the reform processes in Serbia, both sides are looking forward to more vigorous trade exchanges and investment activity

Naoki Tsukada, General Manager Of Mitsubishi Corporation’s Belgrade:

Office Working Towards A Seat In The EU Opportunities Ahead

Apart from our core business in the region, which is trading, our next step is connected to Serbia’s future EU membership and our interest is related to infrastructure projects. Entering the EU will give you, and us, new opportunities for further cooperation

Didier Elena, Vice President And General Manager At Japan Tobacco International For The Western Balkans:

Serbia Is A Valuable Investment Choice

JTI has tripled its market share in ten years, becoming one of Serbia’s key taxpayers and a valued employer that directly employs 300 people and cooperates with farmers, providing a living for 1,000 people in Vojvodina

Irena Vojáčková-Sollorano, UN Resident Coordinator And UNDP Resident Representative In Serbia:

Trusted Partnership

Following successful cooperation on flood relief efforts in 2014, UNDP once again joined forces with its trusted and long-standing development partner, the Government of Japan, to tackle another burning issue in Serbia: the migrant and refugee crisis

Yoshifumi Kanno, First Secretary At The Embassy Of Japan:

Japan Sees Serbia As A True Friend

Japan has recognised Serbia’s need for support every time that it has faced difficult times, such as during the 2014 floods and the ongoing struggle to accommodate migrants. Moreover, the mutual friendship between two countries has been confirmed many times and in different areas of cooperation

Goran Pekez, President Of The Japanese Business Club And Corporate Affairs And Communication Director At Japan Tobacco International For The Western Balkans:

Better Business Climate Will Benefit Society

The companies gathered together in the Japanese Business Club want to support the Serbian Government in its efforts to provide the private sector with the best possible business conditions. This will benefit both the State and the citizens, as higher employment will bring a better standard of living

Miloje Obradović Ph.D., President Of The Commission For The Protection Of Competition:

We Protect The “Rules Of The Game”, Not The Players

During the previous decade, the Commission has strengthened in terms of personnel and institutional capacities, and it now sees the fight against cartels as its priority in the period ahead. The Commission has had support in its work for years from the Japan International Cooperation Agency – JICA and the Japan Fair Trade Commission – JFTC

Japanese Embassy

Economic Section Activities In 2016


Economy Trend Of Moderate Economic Expansion

Japan's economy has continued its moderate recovery trend, although exports and production have remained sluggish, due mainly to the effects of the slowdown in emerging economies. The outlook through the 2018 fiscal year envisages that, although sluggishness is expected to remain in exports and production for the time being, domestic demand is likely to follow an upward trend, with a virtuous cycle from income to spending being maintained in both the household and corporate sectors, while exports are expected to increase moderately on the back of emerging economies emerging from their deceleration phase. Thus, Japan's economy is likely to enjoy a trend of moderate expansion

Renewable Energy Japan’s New Energy Mix

The Japanese Government issued an energy outlook in July 2015 projecting Japan's future energy mix in the wake of the March 2011 nuclear power plant accident. This policy proposal presents five perspectives that will be essential in making the government’s energy outlook substantive and realistic

Ivan Mladenović, Country Manager For The Balkan Region, Allied Telesis:

High Efficiency With A Small Investment

Allied Telesis offers corporate clients efficient and advanced SDN solutions, which are available to both large and small companies

Education Senmon Gakko – Japanese Vocational Education

Many countries have complex education systems, with types of schools ranging and varying depending on the goals and abilities of the student. Similarly, in Japan, there are multiple different types of schools and universities, for students looking for degrees, vocational qualifications, language ability, professional training, etc

Manners & Etiquette Japanese Table Manners

Some restaurants in Japan have low tables and cushions on tatami floor instead of (or in addition to) Western style chairs and tables. Shoes and slippers have to be removed before stepping on tatami. Also, avoid stepping onto cushions other than your own. See our sitting page for more details about sitting techniques and rules

Irena Vojáčková-Sollorano, UN Resident Coordinator & UNDP Resident Representative - Serbia:

Better Prepared for Future Risks

With the support of the government of Japan, and in partnership with UNDP, Serbia is now better prepared to face future threats – both at the municipal level and in terms of the overall response to future crisis management in the case of disasters

Yoshifumi Kanno, First Secretary at the Embassy of Japan:

People Create the Strongest Bonds

Citizens and their interest in learning new things about Japan or Serbia give us the chance to promote our cultures with each other, to promote our countries and strengthen our bonds

Goran Pekez, president of the Japanese Business Club:

Japanese Companies Support Changes that Contribute to Stability

What is most important for members of the Japanese Business Club, but also all other investors, is macroeconomic stability, in terms of the predictability and stability of the business environment

Milena Argirovic, MD, Commercial Excellence Head, MCO Balkans, Commercial Head Serbia/Montenegro TAKEDA:

Innovative Treatments

Takeda sees great future potential in the Balkan region, especially Serbia, and intends to bring to the market high end medicines and advanced therapies suited to patients’ needs

Chris Woods, Vice President, JTI Adriatic:

Improvements in Combatting the Illegal Cut Tobacco Trade

Higher seizures of illegal tobacco contributed to an almost 20 per cent increase in tobacco excise collection in the first nine months of 2015, in comparison to same period last year. Further law enforcement measures should be followed by effective action taken by prosecutors and courts