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I&F McCann Grupa

The Science Creative Behind Ideas

Along with the digital transformation of its businesses, the I&F Grupa has transformed itself in order to offer clients its own vast analytical and technical resources, and to help them translate data into effective communication with consumers. In so doing, the agency follows the best global standards, offering an integrated response to its clients, a one-stop-shop for all their needs

Maja Anđelić, CFO, I&F Grupa

The Only Constant is Change

The only constant, it is said, is change – and that’s never been truer than it's been in the worlds of advertising and business consulting over the past few years
Business leaders McCann Worldgroup in Belgrade

Business leaders McCann Worldgroup in Belgrade: “Creative industry important for the...

Belgrade is becoming an important point on the map of the creative industry. Talking about the future of this growing branch of the economy...
Anne Marie Brady MD Scandinavian Design Group SDG

Anne Marie Brady, MD Scandinavian Design Group (SDG)

Time to Take Responsibility

The road to a more sustainable everyday life is long and demanding. In Norway, we often talk about regulating material selection so that products are less harmful to the planet
Jelena Jazić Mccann

New Director of the Mccann Belgrade Agency

Jelena Jazić

Jelena Jazić is the new director of the McCann Belgrade agency. Jelena Jazić was previously marketing director of Air Serbia. She knows the agency...
Norway Green Export

Norway – Meeting Point For Green Export

Scandinavian Design Group, part of I&F Grupa, created a concept and user experience for The Explorer, a digital showroom for exploring Norway’s diverse offering of green and sustainable solutions.
Željka Mićić, Research & Development Manager, McCann Beograd

Željka Mićić, Research & Development Manager, McCann Beograd

What Is “The Truth About Age”?

How often do we think about aging? What are we afraid of and what are we looking forward to in our old age? What are the greatest joys and the greatest worries of old age? When is it too late to start your own business or fall in love? Does the view of old age and aging in Serbia differ from the rest of the world?
Bitef: Award Ceremony And Donors Evening 2017 Ivan Medenica

Bitef: Award Ceremony And Donors Evening

9 & 15.11.2017
Sustainable and Innovative Operations Seminar 2017 Nordic countries Andreja Pavlović Pertti Ikonen Marko Cadez

‘Sustainable and Innovative Operations’ Seminar

Presentation of sustainable and innovative operations and successful examples of the CSR activities of Finnish companies and their distributors

Tijana Škorić Tomić, Executive Director, I&F McCann Grupa

Focusing On Quality, Best People And Pushing Boundaries

I&F McCann Grupa Executive Director, Tijana Škorić Tomić, is at the head of a team which is celebrating an important jubilee this year. More than 600 employees in 12 markets will celebrate its 20th anniversary

Srđan Šaper, Founder and Chairman I&F McCann Grupa

At Any Given Moment, We Are All Always at the Beginning

I think I was fortunate being born surrounded by books, in a family where both parents were intellectuals, and very early, I started exploring the shelf with various literature. That was some kind of a “Search engine” of my childhood
Tijana Škorić Tomić, Executive Director, I&F McCann Grupa

Tijana Škorić Tomić, Executive Director, I&F McCann Grupa

Communications Industry As A Driving Force

Despite the expectation of even lower advertising budgets in 2016, I&F McCann Grupa expects a successful year, because it manages to offer clients a unique quality of service on eight markets in SEE