HR 2018

Human Resources 2018

Serving Economic Growth

Being People’s First Choice

“We believe in the power of feedback - clearly defined, formal indicators or informally received suggestions or guidelines, which top management listens to and respects the suggestions of employees”

Culture And Innovations To Foster Business

The banking sector is extremely dynamic and diverse, and requires a variety of skills. It is therefore very important that the employee can follow all activities and adapt quickly to different business scenarios

Motivated People

Deutsche Post DHL is giant organisation with around half a million employees. DHL Express, which is one of its business units, has a workforce numbering around 100,000 employees

What’s App In HR Management?

Thanks to the last 20 years of globalisation, modern technologies and social networks, nowadays we don’t have a delay in approaching the best HR world practises and policies. It is all available immediately. It has just become a matter of choosing which HR models and practises companies will apply. Looking at the local labour market, there are no companies without HR departments and practises, including local ones.

Teaching Employees To Believe In Their Own Capabilities

“As a labour-intensive industry, our people are definitely the ones who create a competitive advantage and make us unique”

Modern Business Requires Constant Change

Becoming a strategic partner to business is a long and demanding progression. Pioneers of HR management could not simply walk up to the decision-making table and claim a seat – they had to earn it

Two-Way Street

HR, on the one hand, as part of management structures, must primarily protect and represent the company's interests, while simultaneously managing human resources in the function of creating a team and also respecting the individuality of each employee. At Carlsberg, both of these goals are given equal importance and are implemented in parallel

Assisting People Towards Self-Reliance

There are many factors that influence the establishment, development and sustainability of a business, no matter how big or small it is

Company That Connects People

“HEINEKEN Serbia keeps pace completely with global standards applied in the field of human resources”

Operations Based On Nordic Cultural Values

The HR principles at Novo Nordisk are inextricably linked to its business principles and can be said to have been derived from the company’s system of value and its culture

Tools For Developing Champions

"I am happy about the trend of HR representatives, and often even the top management of companies, dedicating themselves to the development of coaching culture, returning the employee and their pleasure to the core of running a business”

HR As Part Of Strategic Company Planning

“Human resources, as a strategic partner to business, have a key role in moving towards establishing the business strategies of organisations in the emerging digital environment”

Risk As An Opportunity For Profit

“It is most important to achieve an optimal ratio between risk taken and level of insurance premium”