Max Blumberg, Ph.d., Blumberg Partnership Founder, Visiting Professor at Leeds University Business School

People Analytics Vs. The Human Touch

Max Blumberg bridges the worlds of business performance and analytics to improve strategy execution, design powerful people processes and increase sales force effectiveness
Autumn Vivaldi HR Forum

Autumn Vivaldi HR Forum

26 - 29 Sept. 2018
Human Resources 2018

Human Resources 2018

Serving Economic Growth
Aleksandar Hangimana, Director of Manpower Group for Serbia

Aleksandar Hangimana, Director of ManpowerGroup for Serbia

External HR Service – a Strategic Partner

In modern business, the global trend for the HR sector to take a growing importance, and thus also the external HR service provider, is ever more present in our market
Hay Group Businesswoman

Hay Group - Winning Hearts and Minds for high-performance organizations

From Employee Engagement to Effectiveness

We’ve all heard the one about the CEO who was asked how many people worked in his organization. “Oh, about half of them,” he replied. Joking aside, how true is this within your organization?
Jelena Stanković, Head of People Solutions, and Georgios Panoutsopoulos, Country Manager, ICAP Business services

Jelena Stanković and Georgios Panoutsopoulos, ICAP Business Services

Helping Companies Achieve High Performance

ICAP Business Services provides its valued clients with "full service." This ranges from identifying and selecting the right candidates, to training, to creating a...
Human Resource Management in Serbia 2016

Human Resource Management in Serbia 2016

Haire, Train, Motivate, Retain