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Former Ambassador of France to Serbia


2016 Highlights – 2017 Expectations

In our now traditional survey, CorD ends each year by posing questions to ambassadors accredited in Serbia that relate to the year that is coming to an end and their expectations for the year ahead

Academic Palms Awarded

Recognized Milica Vinaver, assistant professor at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Philology, Radan Džodić, professor of oncology surgery and director of the Institute for Oncology and Radiology and Stevan Jokić, Research Fellow at the Vinča Institute

Meeting Between Two Easts At The French Institute

Marking of the end of the eight-week exhibition “Space of dreaming”

Grand Prix Of The French-Serbian Chamber Of Commerce

25.5.2017Prestigious Grand Prix CCFS Awards 2017

French National Order Of Merit For Tanja Miščević

25.4.2017Awarded in recognition of her contribution to promoting European values and integration

Francophonie – Window To The World

29.3.2017Ceremony marking the completion of the Month of Francophonie

Flavours Of France

10.3.2017H.E. Christine Moro presented the third edition of the project Flavours of France

Exhibition “Serbian Art in Ten Images”

3.3.2017Exhibition has been organised to mark the occasion of the Month of Francophonie and the 170th anniversary of the existence of Matica Srpska Gallery

54th Anniversary of The Élysée Treaty

Commemoration of the signing of the Élysée Treaty

Day Of France

08.12.2016Presentation of the Embassy of France, the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Institut français

Wreaths Laid At The French Military Cemetery

11.11.2016Marking of the Armistice Day

Serbian Economic Summit

17.10.2016The 16th Economic Summit of the Republic of Serbia, under the title “Road Map to the EU – Rebooting the Economy”, focused on the policy issues and actions that will be taken by the Government of Serbia, following Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić’s announcement that the key priority of the new Serbian Government will be expediting the country’s accession to the EU and Serbia continuing along its path to EU membership.
Kristina Moro

Ambasada Francuske:

Tradicionalno prijateljstvo – osnov buduće saradnje

Pre nego što počnem, dozvolite mi da vam kažem da sam veoma srećna što je CordD ove godine iznova odlučio da objavi specijalni broj povodom Državnog praznika Francuske. Čitaoci CordD-a i, uopšte, srpska javnost pokazuju veliko interesovanje za Francusku prema kojoj gaje prijateljska osećanja koja datiraju iz davnina, ali su istovremeno i veoma aktuelna. To sam mogla da zaključim na osnovu solidarnosti koju ste iskazali nakon strašnih atentata u Francuskoj 2015, kao i nakon poplava koje su zadesile neke francuske regione početkom juna meseca

World Environment Day Marked in Serbia

To mark World Environment Day, the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, the Embassy of the Republic of France and the UN Development Programme in Serbia organised a joint press conference on the premises of the French Embassy in Belgrade
The Belgrade Dance Festival Announced

The Belgrade Dance Festival Announced

The 13th Belgrade Dance Festival, which is being held under the slogan “Happiness is Danced”, will take place from 19th March to 10th April in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

FRANCE Stressful Year Seeks New Strengths

In 2015 Paris was the stage of events that shook the planet: two tragic terrorist events and the groundbreaking conference on climate change. The world has yet to respond to these threats