Green Serbia 2019

The Environmental Movement In Serbia 2019

Goran Trivan

Goran Trivan, Serbian Minister of Environmental Protection

Year Of Turnarounds

Serbia is awaited by a huge job in the years ahead when it comes to advancing environmental protection, and some of the most important moves will be made this year. We are in a position – with the support of not only the countries of the region but also the entire UNEP – for Serbia to be at the forefront and part of the most important initiatives in the fight for the health of the planet at the global, planetary level
Ivan Karić

Ivan Karić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Environmental Protection

Chapter 27 – The Most Technically Complicated

Chapter 27 in EU accession negotiations is the most technically complicated and most expensive Chapter – with more than 200 EU regulations waiting to be transposed and implemented
Branislava Jovičić

Branislava Jovičić, Centre for the Promotion of Sustainable Development

We Owe Planet Earth

In just five years, as long as it has existed, the Centre for the Promotion of Sustainable Development has developed two projects that have yielded excellent results not only in Serbia, but also around the world. The first is the portal “Balkan Green Energy News”, which has already become a leader in the region, and the other is the project “Women in Sustainable Energy in Southeast Europe”
Jelena Kiš

Jelena Kiš, Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Ball Corporation

Can – Packaging as the Most Important Environmental Ally

This “green planet” has been our home for millions of years. It is a home to which civilisation has not paid enough attention, which is why one of the main efforts of modern society is directed towards restoring the planet to its authentic condition – without waste and pollution
Jasmina Jović

Jasmina Jović, Assistant Minister in the Sector for Nature Protection and Climate Change, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Protecting Nature & Applying Global Multilateral Agreements

The area of nature protection is encompassed, at the national level, by the legislative framework for environmental protection that has its basis in the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, provisions that define citizens' right to a healthy environment, as well as the duty of citizens to protect and improve the environment, in accordance with the law
Biljana Filipović-Đušić

Biljana Filipović-Đušić, Minister’s Deputy, Sector for International Cooperation and European Integration, Ministry for Environmental Protection

International Cooperation on Environmental Protection

By its nature, the environment extends beyond political and legal frameworks, and other boundaries created by man. International and cross-border cooperation between countries is vital if we want to address challenges that impact on all of us. These challenges vary from droughts and floods, to pollution and threats to the richness of biodiversity
Filip Abramović Ministry of Environmental Protection

Filip Abramović, Assistant Minister, Waste and Wastewater Department, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Managing Municipal Waters in Serbia

There are about 45 existing municipal wastewater treatment facilities in Serbia, a very small number of which are functioning, and only a few fully satisfy all modern standards of environmental protection
Nebojša Jakovljević JKP Vodovod i kanalizacija Kragujevac

Nebojša Jakovljević, Managing Director, JKP Vodovod i kanalizacija Kragujevac

Better Quality Water in Kragujevac

Reconstruction of the Gruža pipeline will bring a better water supply
Dragana Despot Institute for Biocides and Medical Ecology

Prim. Dr Dragana Despot, Director of the Institute for Biocides and Medical Ecology

New Measures to Combat Mosquitoes

Detailed monitoring, the application of new remedies, treatment of micropockets and the use of thermal devices yield good results in the fight against mosquitoes
Miroslav Krmpotić Hidrogeoeko Inženjering

Miroslav Krmpotić, Director, Hidrogeoeko Inženjering

Care of Water Quality for 20 Municipalities

Cooperation between numerous experts in reaching the best solutions
Serbian Association of Packaging Waste Operators

Serbian Association of Packaging Waste Operators

We Will Recycle 230,000 Tonnes of Packaging Waste

Belgrade recently saw the founding of the Serbian Association of Packaging Waste Operators, which composes all seven operators of the packaging waste management system on the domestic market
Nevena Čolić Mohora MITECO Kneževac

Nevena Čolić Mohora, Director of MITECO Kneževac

Waste – A Resource For Economic Growth

Serbia needs a systematic concept of waste management
Aleksandar Vesić Ministry of Environmental Protection

Aleksandar Vesić, Assistant Minister in the Sector for Environmental Management, Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection

Natural Environment & Security

The natural environment is exposed to evident changes in terms of degradation in many segments, due to the ever more dynamic development of society, production and consumption. These changes are often also felt beyond the site where pollution occurs, even at great distances, which gives this problem an international character
Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Over 400,000 Premature Deaths in Europe Annually

Despite considerable improvements in past decades, air pollution is still responsible for more than 400,000 premature deaths in Europe each year. It also continues to damage vegetation and ecosystems
Milan Stevanović Environmental Investment Expert

Msc.eng. Milan Stevanović, Environmental Investment Expert

The Only Constant in Life is Change

Having served in a local public administration, then moving on to the work in the central Government, and currently being in a position to guide and organise the work in Serbia for some of the world’s most successful companies and funds (and global success stories!) in the area of environmental protection, one of the key things I’ve learnt is that the only everlasting constant in business and life in general is – change
Filip Radović Director of the Environmental Protection Agency

Filip Radović, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency

Circular Economy

The Circular economy represents an approach that transforms the function of an economy's resources. Apart from natural resources, in accordance with circular economy principles, the entirety of generated waste becomes a newly created resource. Waste from one factory becomes the raw material for some other manufacturing process
Slobodan Perović Ministry for Environmental Protection

Slobodan Perović, Assistant Minister in the Sector for Strategic Planning and Projects, Ministry for Environmental Protection

Investing Towards The EU

The Multi-Annual Investment and Financing Plan represents an innovative tool for investment growth
Željko Pantelić Ministry of Environmental Protection

Željko Pantelić, Assistant Minister for Oversight and Prevention, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Inspection Oversight & Education

In addition to the national inspectorate for environmental protection, numerous laws have also entrusted tasks of inspection overishgt to numerous local governments, the City of Belgrade and the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Considering the extremely large number of laws and by-laws in the field of environmental protection, as well as their complexity, the national inspectorate has specialised and functions via specialised departments. All inspectors have undergone training through various EU capacity building projects