Green Serbia 2017

Green Serbia: Thinking Green & Living Clean 2017

Japanski ambasador

H.E. Juichi Takahara, Ambassador Of Japan To The Republic Of Serbia

Developing Japanese Technology For Energy Efficiency

Technological development has always been achieved to cope with challenges that arose at a given moment. That is how Japan developed its technologies in the fields of the environment and energy, thereby overcoming two major challenges which arose: pollution and the oil crisis

Filip Radović, Director of the Agency for Environmental Protection, Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection

Growing Interest In Green Economy Projects

Ahead of Serbia is the major job of improving energy efficiency and agriculture. All the required outgoings should be viewed as investments and opportunities for further development, and not as an expense
Rainer Freund

Rainer Freund, Agriculture And Environment Programme Manager

EU Delegation To Serbia Foreword

Dear readers, this year’s special edition of CorD “Thinking Green & Living Clean” is timely in that it comes as Serbia prepares to open negotiations with the European Commission on the environment chapter.

Arūnas Kundrotas, Team Leader Of “ENVAP3” - Swedish Support Project For The Negotiating Group For Chapter 27, Former Lithuanian Environment Minister

Serbia Is Intensifying Steps Towards The Target

Serbia took on the internal obligation to complete transposition by 2018. This means that less than two years remain until the end of the period, making this a very ambitious task

Vujadin Šćekić, Owner, Jugo-Impex

Jugo-Impex Recycled 14,000 Tonnes Of Electric And Electronic Waste

The establishment of the Green Fund would mean predictable business, new investment and new jobs in the recycling industry

Thomas Czutta, Country Manager, GEA Eastern Europe Cluster GEA Group

To Focus On RR And Environmental Protection

GEA Group offers its regional partners not only quality equipment for increasingly demanding processes but also reliable and efficient maintenance
Miroslav Presern

Miroslav Prešern, Director At Oven Elektro Maribor Serbia

Is Ready For Investments In Renewables

The main activity of the company Oven Elektor Maribor is producing electricity from renewable energy sources. The company also strives to continue to actively raise awareness among the public regarding the manner and utilisation of efficient energy use and RES