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1.8 Billion Euros In 18 Years Of German-Serbian Development Cooperation

The premiere of the “Turning 18” theatre play and the “Actions Matter” exhibition in the City Hall of Belgrade ceremonially marked 18 years of...
David Lahl, Project Leader, Public Finance Reform

David Lahl, Project Leader, Public Finance Reform

Sound Finances Key To SDG Implementation

The objective of the German Development Cooperation is to support the Serbian government in its efforts to improve good financial governance in the context of the 2030 Agenda. Adequate capacities to plan and execute budgets, as well as transparency, accountability and participation in budget processes, are crucial to the efficient implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

Exhibition “Sustainable Development Objectives – Agenda 2030”

The exhibition aims at accentuating and clarifying the significance of the Agenda 2030 and is organised by the Government of Serbia and the German Development Cooperation implemented by the GIZ, within the project “Public Finance Reform – Financing the Agenda 2030”. Read more

Exhibition “Sustainable Development Objectives – Agenda 2030” Opened

Exhibition illustration "Objectives of sustainable development - Agenda 2030" was opened in Aleja Heroja at the Kalemegdan fortress. The drawings of the renowned illustrator...

German Companies Interested In Serbian Organic, Frozen Fruit

During a five-day visit to Serbia, six German companies interested in buying organic products showed great interest in cooperation through the purchase of home-grown organic, frozen raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.

GIZ: 15 Years Of Public Finance Reform

On the 15th anniversary of the German Development Cooperation Project "Public Finance Reform in Serbia", which is being implemented in cooperation with the Serbian...

Grey Economy Reduced In The Formal Sector

The volume of the grey economy was reduced among registered businesses during the past five years, falling from 21.2 to 15.4% of the GDP....

Heinz-Dieter Harbers, Coordinator Of The GIZ Sector Programme “Sustainable Economic Development And Employment” In Serbia:

Hein Joint Efforts Yield Successful Implementation

I am very happy to see that industry and education build trust once they know that the government stands behind the dual education process. In the next step, it is important to further develop the main pillars of employment promotion: education and the economy, as well as employment facilitation services

New Way Of Protecting Seasonal WorkersFighting The GreyEconomy In Agriculture

The law on simplifying employment relations for seasonal work will ensure security and full protection for agricultural workers' rights, pensions and insurance for injuries at work

Anne-Kathrin Wirtz, Strengthening Municipal Land Management In Serbia Project Leader, GIZ:

GIZ Project For More Efficient Agricultural Production

Seven pilot municipalities in Southeast Serbia have reorganised more than 5,000 hectares during the project implemented by GIZ

Assistance For Serbia’s Dual Education

Assistance in developing Serbia's dual education

H.E. Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador To Serbia:

Better Education For A More Resilient Society

Dual education can be a major contributor to sustainable economic growth. The key prerequisite for it to work well is a functioning legal framework, which gives companies the security they need to work in Serbia and invest in their workers. Germany will continue to support Serbia in its economic and legal reform efforts and on its path towards the EU

Investment Potential Of The Cities And Municipalities Of SE In One...

Investment potential of the cities and municipalities of Southeast Europe available in one place as of next year

Advantage Austria And GIZ Sign Memorandum

Cooperation between two organisations regarding the dual education in Serbia

Christophe Di Marco, Fund Manager at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH:

BFC SEE Municipalities Top Investment Destinations

The certification of municipalities is the first regional project that encourages competition among municipalities for new investment and sets new standards

Martin Knapp, Director Of The German-Serbian Chamber Of Commerce:

A Better Business Climate Brings More Investors

At the moment, German companies see Serbia primarily as a procurement market and as an interesting location for investment. This happens certainly because of the improvement of the investment climate, but also due to various international factors


We Can Do It Even Better

It seems that German-Serbian political and economic relations are stable and constantly progressing. However, it is a concerning fact that German companies that operate here constantly repeat the same criticisms: an insufficiently decisive fight against corruption and crime, the inefficiency of public administration and legal uncertainty

German-Serbian Bilateral Relationship:

Supporting Political And Economic Reforms

A key element of German and European policy towards Serbia is providing support for political and economic reform. The aims are to further advance the process of democratic change and promote the rule of law in Serbia as well as making progress in the country’s European Union (EU) accession process