Belgrade Food Show 2019

10-11 October 2019, Belexpocentar

Haute Cuisine Turns Towards Sustainability

“Nourishing oneself in a healthier and more natural way is an expectation and a necessity that it is now time to implement in haute cuisine. Exceptional produce expressing their qualities in simplicity, a technique whose elegance is to fade into the shadows to better serve them. This is cooking as I love it most. A cuisine of naturalness, unfettered, liberated” – Alain Ducasse

Korean Food Event

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Serbia, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea hosted the Days of...

Gastrodiplomacy – Soft Power With Good Flavour

Many countries have utilised food as a soft-power instrument for boosting their public image. Over the past two decades, there has been an increasing amount of dialogue on the role of food in not only establishing relations between cultures and nations but as part of the foundation of cultures and national identity

Passion is the Key to Every Success

Enzo Neri has worked at Manhattan’s most famous restaurants, created bespoke menus and opened numerous restaurants from Norway to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan to Kenya. Now...

Improvement of food quality and safety in Serbia

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić announced today, after visiting the Directorate for National Reference Laboratories in Belgrade, that all milk producers will have to test...

Initiative ‘Food for Tomorrow’ presented at the Swedish residence

In the framework of the initiative of the Swedish Institute "Food For Tomorrow" in Belgrade, the Bee Connected Project was presented, which through practical...

Know Who You’re Buying Your Foods From

Fresh fruit and vegetables are an integral part of every spread on the table during hot summer days. Although it is advisable – due to your body’s needs – to increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables during summer, you should be cautious when buying such products and carefully check the source of the foods you buy, because you can’t always be sure that the fruits and vegetables on offer meet all quality standards

German Companies Interested In Serbian Organic Frozen Fruit

During a five-day visit to Serbia, six German companies interested in buying organic products showed great interest in cooperation through the purchase of home-grown organic, frozen raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.

Gladmat Food Festival 2017

Gladmat is Scandinavia’s biggest food festival (19th - 22nd July) and has been a joining point and a resources centre in Norwegian food-rich region...

Matching Summer Wine & Food

Sommelier Wine, that luxurious, exquisite and precious nectar; that perfect combination of nature and the skilled hands of winemakers. Often referred to by wine lovers as “poetry in a glass”, it is a feast for all our senses

Good Image Of Organic Production

Serbian farmers have understood what organic farming can offer in production, economic and environmental terms, and today we have various successful examples which show that the potential for organic agriculture is slowly but surely being realised

Organic Control System: Stamp Of Trust

"Organic Control System" is authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection for inspecting and certifying organic production and the re-certification of imported organic products, verifying product conformity with marks of geographic origin and verifying product conformity with the mark “Srpski kvalitet”, and it is accredited by the Accreditation Body of Serbia according to the standard SRPS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2016

Exhibition Of Serbian Traditional Food And Handicrafts

Opened by city manager Goran Vesić and H.E. Julia Feeney

Food Sushi – The World Famous Japanese Food

Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan, and one of the most popular dishes among the Japanese themselves who usually enjoy sushi on special occasions

Culinary Journey Across Malaysia

The Embassy of Malaysia in Belgrade, in collaboration with the Hyatt Regency Hotel Belgrade and supported by Turkish Airlines, organised the “Malaysian Culinary Journey”. This...

Berlin Vegetarian Capital Of The World

Last year Berlin was named the new vegetarian capital by the prestigious U.S. magazine “Saveur”. The international award from the magazine for food connoisseurs honours the culinary development of the German capital, now home to over 40 vegan and over 340 vegetarian restaurants and snack stands

Street Food Chef Gets Michelin One-Star Award

Malaysian-born Chan Hon Meng, who is also the chef at Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle in Singapore, said he was dumbfounded...

NLB Bank Belgrade Awards Organic Food Production and Food Processing Projects

NLB Bank Belgrade has launched the fifth round of the NLB Organic competition for organic food production and food processing projects during which the bank will award a total of 1.5 million Dinars to three best projects

Chicago Goes Crazy For ‘Paczki’

The ‘paczki’, a no-hole, denser and richer version of the doughnut, have exploded in popularity in recent years far beyond Chicago’s large Polish community...

Inimitable Flavours of the Mediterranean

When our customers in Serbia know how to make a proper Greek salad and are able to recognise real feta cheese, high quality olives and olive oil, and to smell the aroma of good oregano, we will know that they have become real lovers of Mediterranean cuisine.