Friday, October 19, 2018

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Zdravko Šotra, Director, Screenwriter

I’ve Had Countless Chances To Fail

His name is mentioned with great respect. Milena Dravić and Dragan Nikolić remain unsurpassed as a couple in his series Cheek to Cheek, Zoran Radmilović was at his best when acting in his series More Than a Game. His film Zona Zamfirova was watched by 1.2 million people, which is an unparalleled record in Serbia.

Opening Of 15th Festival Of Italian Film

06.12.201615th Festival of Italian Film at the Yugoslav Cinematheque Film Archives from 6th-9th December


Greek History Made Cinema

From greats like Theo Angelopoulos, Costa Gavras, Michael Cacoyannis, Irena Papas and Melina Mercouri, to Hollywood stars with Greek origins, such as Nick Cassavetes, Jennifer Aniston, Melina Kanakaredes, and Billy Zane, the list of talented artists is almost endless.