Emmanuel Macron

President of France

A Massive Fire At The Notre Dame Cathedral

A Massive Fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most iconic landmarks in the French capital, was engulfed in flames Monday evening as a catastrophic fire...
Secrets Of The Global Elite 2017


Can France And Germany Come Together?

The crisis in Catalonia and the resilience of European populists have made a well-functioning Franco-German partnership more important than ever. But if the European project is going to have any chance of surviving, the gap between German prudence and French audacity will have to be bridged.

‘Such Good Shape’

U.S. President Donald Trump praised French first lady Brigitte Macron for being in “such good shape” on 13th July during his state visit to France, according to a video on the French government’s Facebook page.

Labour Rule

France, Poland clash over EU cheap Labour Rule

French President Emmanuel Macron triggered a furious reaction from Poland after he attacked Warsaw for rejecting tough proposals to overhaul a controversial EU rule on cheap labour.