Thursday, September 20, 2018

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The European Fund for the Balkans


Hedvig Morvai, Director Of The European Fund For The Balkans:

Regional Cooperation Creates Stability

By Ljubica Gojgić, Photo Zoran Petrović

Serbian citizens shouldn’t be overburdened with accession chapters and bidding dates, but rather explained, in an illustrative way, why EU accession is important and what it brings

Dejan Šoškić, Professor At The Faculty Of Economics, University Of Belgrade (EFB):

Banks Cannot Thrive In A Stagnant Economy

Major obstacles to faster economic growth in Serbia are not in the domain of the limited financial potential of domestic banks. Obstacles lay elsewhere: in the domain of a stagnant economy, weak institutional framework, rule of law, and credit risk sharing instruments for SMEs. As such, we shouldn’t be surprised if more foreign banks decide to leavein the medium- to long-term.