Sunday, December 16, 2018

Tag: Diplomacy

H.E. Junichi Maruyama, Ambassador of Japan to Serbia

We Want to Learn More About Serbia

The visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe to Serbia after 31 years was truly epoch-making. As a result, young Japanese volunteers will soon arrive in Serbia, while some Japanese companies have started recognising the benefits of Serbia. Our embassy is willing to help these initiatives.

The Embassy of Finland celebrates 171st Independence Day

Ambassador of Finland, H.E. Pertti Ikonen, hosted the reception held at his residence, marking 171st Independence day of Finland. In his speech, Ambassador of Finland...

Emperor Akihito’s 85th Birthday Marked in Belgrade

The Embassy of Japan in Serbia marked the 85th birthday of the Japanese Emperor Akihito. Reception held at the Belgrade's Metropol Hotel hosted by the Embassy...

National Day of Romania Marked in Belgrade

The guests were welcomed by the Ambassador of Romania to Serbia, H.E. Oana-Cristina Popa, at the reception held at Belgrade's Hyatt Hotel, marking the...

Public Dialogue with Ambassador of Finland Pertti Ikonen

The Finnish Embassy and the Scandinavian Corner marked the 101st anniversary of Finland's independence with a lecture and a public dialogue with Finnish Ambassador to...
Alexander Chepurin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Serbia

Alexander Chepurin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Serbia

Solution for Kosovo and Resolution 1244 Inseparable

Russia will support the decision that Serbia considers acceptable for itself. If Belgrade is satisfied with the delineation with Kosovo’s Albanians, I see no reason for objections from Moscow. The decision should be taken without blackmailing Belgrade, on the basis of and with respect for Resolution 1244, which fixes the territorial allegiance of Kosovo to Serbia – Alexander Chepurin

New Ambassador of the Republic of Korea

H.E. Hyoung-chan Choe

Ambassador H.E. Hyoung-chan Choe (51) holds a BA Degree in International Relations and an MA Degree in Public Policy from Seoul National University, as...

64th National Day of Algeria Marked

Ambassador of Algeria H.E. Abdelhamid Chebchoub hosted a reception in honour of the 64th anniversary of the start of the country's national liberation war.  Ambassador...

Poland’s 100 Years of Independence Celebrated

The 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, which is celebrated all over the world, is a special date for Poland. Exactly...
H.E. Gordan Bakota Croatian Ambassador To Serbia, We Can Do Better

Gordan Bakota, Croatian Ambassador to Serbia

We Can Do Better

What it is crucial is to ensure is the realisation of all rights guaranteed by the existing national and international legal framework for the protection of minorities. Relations with the countries of Southeast Europe and EU enlargement will among the main priorities of Croatia’s presidency of the EU in the first half of 2020, says Ambassador Gordan Bakota
H.E. Nikolaus Lutterotti, Austrian Ambassador to Serbia, Reforms Will Pay Off

H.E. Nikolaus Lutterotti, Austrian Ambassador to Serbia

Reforms Will Pay Off

Austria has a genuine interest in supporting Serbia on its path to the European Union. Not only does this provide an incentive for the economic, societal and institutional reforms required by the EU accession process, but it also contributes to stability and prosperity in this part of Europe. We also genuinely believe, to paraphrase Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, that the European Union would be incomplete without the countries of the Western Balkans - Nikolaus Lutterotti

Korean National Day Celebrated

Embassy of Korea in Serbia celebrated the National day of this country with a gala opera concert held at the National Theatre in Belgrade. Many...

Turkish Embassy Marks the 95th Anniversary of Republic Day

Ambassador of Turkey to Serbia, H.E. Tanju Bilgiç, hosted a reception on the occasion of marking the National Day of Turkey. Following the welcome address...
Ambassador of Hungary H.E. Attila Pintér

National Day of Hungary Marked

Ambassador of Hungary H.E. Attila Pintér Ambassador hosted a reception marking the national day of this country. October 23rd marks the day of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Minister of...

Marking of the National Day of Spain

Spanish Ambassador to Belgrade H.E. Miguel Fuertes Suárez hosted a reception marking the national day of this country and stressed that relations between Spain...

German Unity Day Celebrated

Ambassador of Germany to Serbia H.E. Thomas Schieb hosted a celebratory reception marking the Day of German Unity. "I am convinced that the future of Serbia...

German Unity Day

Ambassador of Germany to Serbia H.E. Thomas Schieb hosted a celebratory reception marking the Day of German Unity. Read more
Carlo Lo Cascio, Italian Ambassador To Serbia

H.E. Carlo Lo Cascio, Italian Ambassador to Serbia

Glass Half Full

Serbia needs to adopt and implement good reforms to guarantee a better future for the entire country. We are here to support Serbia in its commitment on reforms, especially in the rule of law area, and to cooperate with Belgrade for a more stable and interconnected region. It’s a joint effort and, as always, it takes two to tango, but we are confident in the progress that has been made-Carlo Lo Cascio