The first digital dialogue between Serbia and Russia

Serbia and Russia build a shared vision of innovative growth, and innovation and digitisation will play a key role in developing the relations of...


Digitisation – Equal Chances For All Citizens

Enabling every citizen to access government information and services via their mobile phones, anytime and anywhere, would save significant time and money

Digitisation In Serbia The Future Ofe-AdministrationAnd Banking

Digitisation will give people and companies more practical, efficient and transparent access to the public administration. In the banking sector, new financial technologies will...
Denmark Creates the World's First Ever Digital Ambassador

Denmark Creates The World’s First Ever Digital Ambassador

Unveiled plans to put in place a digital ambassador to liaise with some of the world’s top tech companies, including Apple, Google, and Microsoft

Vojvođanska Banka Winner of “AMCHAMPS – Young Leaders in Change”

The unique one-year education program has been held for the third time

Ingeborg Øfsthus, CEO Of Telenor Serbia

Digitalization Is A Win-Win Process

Enabling every citizen to have access to government information and services on their mobile phones, anytime and anywhere, would significantly save time and money. For Telenor, it could create more work and be a source of growth

Ministry Of Trade, Tourism And Telecommunications

Serbia At The Top Of Europe

The digitisation of terrestrial television in Serbia was the biggest job and greatest endeavour in this domain since 1924, when Radio Belgrade was founded, and 1958, when the first television broadcast in Serbia was emitted